AI Image Editing: Is It Better Than Human Editing?

AI Image Editing Is It Better Than Human Editing

Photo editing is one of the most in-demand services nowadays. The reason is simple; there’s a high demand for images on the internet. There are several demands such as for social media, e-commerce, web design, and even online businesses that need great photos of their products.

Moreover, there are photo editing services that include background removal, cropping & resizing, contrast & exposure adjustments, white balance, and much more. That’s why photo editing services are very helpful for people nowadays.

But nowadays, AI image editing software has emerged as a solution to this problem. The question is, does AI image editing work better than human editing in general? If you are curious or don’t know which one is better, make sure to check this article out.

What is AI Image Editing?

Simply put, AI image editing is a technology that transforms manual photo editing operations into semi-automated operations. In addition, an AI photo editor generally uses algorithms based on machine learning and a neural network to modify the way an image looks.

With the technology that AI photo editors have, it allows you to get your desired editing result in just a few clicks. You no longer have to spend a long time on photo editing.
Moreover, the AI image editing software uses several intelligent algorithms, giving it human-like editing capabilities. These capabilities include background replacement, color correction, object removal, and other photo editing basics.

Which One is Better?

Before getting the answer to the question above, you must first understand the advantages and disadvantages that both have. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of AI photo editors and human photo editors.

What Are the Advantages of AI Image Editing?

1. Fast

It is commonly known that machines are inherently faster than humans. While it takes a week for professional editors to manually edit 500 photos, AI photo editors can accomplish the same task in just a day. This fact highlights the time-saving advantage of using an AI photo editor.

2. Cost-effective

In addition to the fast editing process, cost-effectiveness is one of the most remarkable advantages of AI image editing. When you hire a professional editor, you have to spend higher expenses due to the time and effort required. On the other hand, by utilizing an AI image editor, you can save significantly on the cost of hiring a professional editor.

3. Efficient

When it comes to quantity or editing a large number of photos, AI image editing is the winner. With AI, you can swiftly edit a bulk of photos within a matter of hours. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation requiring a significant number of photos for your work project, utilizing AI photo editing can be the ideal solution. With just a few clicks, you can obtain the edited photos you need for your project.

What Are the Disadvantages of AI Image Editing?

1. Limitations of Algorithms

As mentioned earlier, AI image editing operates on intelligent logic algorithms. However, due to this approach, AI photo editors have certain limitations in terms of editing capabilities. An AI editor may be able to edit simple photos, but it may not be able to successfully edit specific and complex photos.

2. Possibility of Poor Editing

The next disadvantage of AI photo editing is the possibility of poor edits. Since AI works based on algorithms, there might be some flaws and imperfections in the editing results that AI photo editing provides.

3. Unable to Understand the Photographer’s Perspective

Once again, AI handles all the editing automatically. However, it is important to note that AI technology has not yet reached the level of optimal performance comparable to the human brain.

As a result, AI photo editors may occasionally fall short in delivering the precise style of photo editing that aligns with a professional photographer’s perspective.

What Are the Advantages of Human Photo Editing?

1. No Restrictions

The first advantage of human photo editing is its freedom of expression. As you may already know, AI relies on algorithms in every editing process, leading to consistent results across edited photos.

In contrast, human photo editing consistently produces different and unique photo results that cannot be replicated by AI image editing. Through human or manual photo editing, you can incorporate various special edits, such as adding unique elements or retouching using photo retouching services.

2. Customization

Unlike AI image editing, which is programmed to perform specific editing tasks, humans can work with given instructions and customize the editing as needed. Furthermore, humans can fine-tune image edits that AI may have overlooked.

3. Quality Control

Human image editing performed by a professional editor almost always produces higher-quality photos compared to AI image editing. Throughout the editing process, a human editor meticulously performs the edits and ensures error-free results. Although it may take more time, the final outcome of the edited photo will be significantly superior.

What Are the Disadvantages of Human Photo Editing?

Meanwhile, these are the disadvantages you may get from manual photo editing:

1. Time-consuming

When it comes to manual image editing, you will need to make numerous adjustments to ensure that your photos look their best. As a result, human image editing can be time-consuming. Therefore, if you require images for your business content quickly, AI image editing might be the ideal solution for you.

2. Expensive than AI Image Editing

In addition to being time-consuming, another disadvantage of human image editing is the high cost associated with it. When you hire a professional to edit your images, you have to pay for their time and effort. Which will require a higher expense.

Typically, the price range for hiring a professional editor is between $1 and $5 per image, which is more expensive compared to the cost of AI image editing. With AI, you only need to pay a one-time annual fee of approximately $50 to $100 for the AI editing software.

3. Inconsistency

When performing manual tasks, there are possibilities for human error. One common mistake, particularly among first-time photo editors, is inconsistency in their editing. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a professional editor if you desire excellent editing results.

So, Which One Will You Choose?

If you still don’t know which one is better. The answer is neither. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that you can exploit according to your needs.

If you prioritize high-quality edited images, human image editing is the recommended choice. Conversely, if you require a large number of edited images, AI image editing is the optimal option. But if you need more help, Dropicts is one of the photo editing services that could help. So, don’t hesitate to visit the website and ask for assistance now!


  • In what ways is AI image editing better than human image editing?
    Speed and efficiency. AI, in general, can edit photos faster and more efficiently than humans can. Humans may take a week to edit 500 photos, AI can edit 500 photos in a day.
  • What are the most advantages of human image editing over AI image editing?
    As you already know, AI works based on algorithms. Because of this, AI has limitations when editing photos. Whereas humans don’t have that limitation, they can use their brains to think creatively in editing photos, resulting in high-quality photos.
  • Can AI take over the photo editing process?
    Although it has the potential to provide fast and efficient photo editing work, AI still cannot take over human image editing. AI still lacks creativity when editing photos.
  • How much does AI photo editing cost?
    Generally, each AI photo editing costs $0.05 in one go. That is a much cheaper price than human photo editing which is around $5 more per edit.

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