How Can Natural Shadow Effect Be Used in Products?

How Can Natural Shadow Effect Be Used in Products

Nowadays, the e-commerce industry is highly competitive, with many brands going the extra mile to make their products stand out to consumers. One effective way to achieve this is by using high-quality product images that feature clean backgrounds and a natural shadow effect.

After reading the above statement, you may wonder, “Is the natural shadow effect really that important for product images?” The answer is yes. The natural shadow effect plays a significant role in enhancing product images and can contribute to the success of your e-commerce business.

Believe it or not, the natural shadow effect adds an aesthetic appeal to your product images, making them more visually appealing to potential buyers. The question then arises: which types of product images are suitable for using natural shadow effects? Let’s find out below!

Introduction to Natural Shadow Effect

The natural shadow effect is the shadows that naturally occur during the process of capturing product images. When used, the natural shadow effect can infuse a sense of realism and professionalism into the product images featured in your e-Commerce store.

The natural shadow effect can enhance the overall quality of your product images, making them appear more refined and less harsh. The importance of editing the proper lighting plays a big role in conducting product photography. If you are uncertain about achieving the desired effect, you may consider utilizing photo editing services to add the shadow effect to your product images.

Why Should I Use a Natural Shadow Effect?

The use of natural shadow in a product image is something that you must consider. Because a well-crafted product image with a natural shadow can create trust in customers when making purchases on e-commerce platforms.

Furthermore, the natural shadow effect serves to enhance the overall professional appearance of your product image. Needless to say, all products that have a natural shadow effect can create an image as if the product is being displayed in real life.

Which Kinds of Products Need a Natural Shadow Effect?

In practical terms, a natural shadow can be applied to all types of products. However, it requires some skill to properly implement shadowing techniques in your product images.

By utilizing sufficient light sources and positioning the products correctly, achieving a natural shadow effect becomes much more attainable. Let’s take a look at some examples of products that greatly benefit from natural shadow effects.

1. Shoe Products

The first product that would greatly benefit from a natural shadow effect is shoes. Trust us when we say that a pair of shoes will appear significantly more appealing and eye-catching with the addition of a natural shadow. It becomes much easier to capture the attention of targeted customers.

Moreover, e-commerce products like shoes truly benefit from the presence of a natural shadow effect, as it adds a compelling touch. By incorporating a natural shadow into your shoe product images, you provide a captivating and interesting perspective that is usually on a plain white background.

2. Eyewear and Sunglasses

Eyewear and sunglasses are small products, which makes the application of natural shadow effects highly beneficial. In many cases, the addition of a natural shadow can significantly enhance the realism of your sunglasses or eyewear products.

To achieve a shadow effect in your eyewear product images, you can follow a straightforward process. Begin by placing your eyewear products on glossy surfaces. Then, position them appropriately to allow the light to cast shadows on your eyewear products. This simple technique can effectively create the desired shadow effect.

3. Cosmetics

The next product that is well-suited for the application of a natural shadow effect is cosmetics. Since cosmetics are products that many women search for, achieving an aesthetic and realistic look in cosmetic product images is crucial.

When browsing through e-commerce platforms and observing cosmetic brands, you will notice that their products often feature natural shadows. This is understandable, as these brands aim to present their products as the most natural and appealing cosmetic options available.

It is worth noting that most top cosmetic brands utilize soft lighting techniques to enhance the attractiveness and realism of their cosmetic products. If you lack the necessary equipment, you can consider outsourcing professional drop shadow services to achieve the desired effect.

4. Furniture

Next on the list are furniture products. There is a compelling reason why furniture products greatly benefit from the incorporation of a natural shadow effect in every e-commerce shot.

The primary reason is that the natural shadow helps visitors to gauge the scale of the furniture products. Furthermore, the shadow effect aids visitors in envisioning how a particular piece of furniture will appear when placed in their own homes. Without the presence of the shadow effect, buyers may encounter difficulties in accurately determining the size of the furniture product.

5. Accessories

The final category of products that benefits from a natural shadow effect is accessories, whether they are for electronic or non-electronic items. Upon closer inspection of e-commerce platforms, you will notice that most accessory products are showcased with natural shadows.

The reason behind utilizing natural shadows for accessories is simple: it enhances their attractiveness and realism. With the presence of natural shadows, potential buyers can easily envision how the accessory will appear when worn, thereby enticing them to make a purchase.

To incorporate a shadow effect in your accessory product images, utilize soft and natural lighting during the photography process. If you find that the background of your accessory product images doesn’t look good, you can employ a background removal service to replace it with a more suitable background.

Let’s Give an Appealing Photo Using Natural Shadow Effect!

Although it sounds silly, incorporating a natural shadow effect in product images can have a significant impact on attracting buyers to make a purchase. If editing proves to be challenging, relying on professionals such as Dropicts can be immensely helpful. Visit their website now to experience it for yourself!


  • What are natural shadow effects?
    As explained earlier, natural shadow effects are effects obtained from natural shadows that come from light, be it lamplight or sunlight.
  • What kind of things are needed for shadowing product images?
    When shadowing product images, you need a sufficient light source, object, background, and surface. If you have all of these, you just need to take a good picture of your product.
  • What are the two types of shadow effects?
    There are two commonly used types of shadow effects, namely drop shadows and cast shadows.

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