7 Mother and Baby Photography Poses for Memorable Pictures

mother and baby photography poses

Having a baby brings uncountable happiness for parents, especially mothers. New mothers must have wanted to perpetuate this contentment into great photography. Great mother and baby photography poses will make the photographs have a deeper meaning. As a photographer, you should have many inspirations for mother and baby poses to direct your clients.

What Are Some of The Best Mother and Baby Photography Poses Inspirations for Your Clients?

They say happiness is contagious, so does the joy of the new mothers. Once you got clients like them, you make sure that your photographs are meaningful. Especially if it is the first time they become a mother, they want to make the moment special. They will remember the delightful time once they see the warm poses between mother and baby.

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But, you lack the inspiration for poses to direct your clients. You also want to ensure the baby will not cry in the photoshoot session. Naturally, little one does not want to be separated from their mothers, especially newborns.

Do not worry. We will give you some inspiration for mother and baby poses for your photoshoot sessions.


1. Carrying a Baby


Carrying a baby will show the mother’s joy for her child. Furthermore, you can direct the mom to kiss the baby’s head to show closeness. Ask your client to put her eyes on the baby, showing the focus and bond for their little ones. Another pose is the mother staring ahead, symbolizing her big hope for the baby’s future.


2. Kissing the Little One


Another way to show a mother’s love in a photograph is the hugging and kissing pose. This pose will deliver the baby’s love and security under their mother’s arms. Direct the mother and baby to lay on the mattress or bed to show the joy between them. Laughing and smiling between them will make the pictures more lovable.


3. Breastfeeding Pose


Every mother’s dream is to have a picture of her breastfeeding their little one. There is an ultimate joy when perpetuated this skin-to-skin contact. Make sure there are smiles on their face to make the picture more cheerful. Another option is feeding the baby with a bottle or solid food if the baby has grown bigger.


4. Sleeping Together


If you ask the mother’s love language for her baby, physical touch will be the accurate answer. You can direct the mother to hug her baby when they both lay down and sleep. Tell the mother and the baby to face each other to show their bond. People who see the image will be amazed by how firm the bond between them is.


5. Sleeping in Mother’s Arm.


This pose is another precious moment to be perpetuated. Photographs with this pose will show the people about tenderness and calm the baby has in their mother. The good thing is that you do not have to worry about the baby, which is hard to manage. Just put the baby in the mother’s warm cradle, and you already get the best picture.


6. Playing with Baby


If the baby is old enough and you have a playground as a photoshoot area, this pose can be your inspiration. Ask the mother to play with the baby with all the toys there. People will wonder how much joy they have when seeing this photo. Funs and laughs are what this pose is about, and your will also smile when taking their photographs.


7. Reading Book Together


Reading books together is a simple pose but has a more profound meaning. The mother can show how they want their baby will own a great future, and it starts by reading books. Sit the baby on their mother’s lap and have a book opened in front of them. Ask the mother to wrap their arms around their baby to add more intimacy.

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Pick some mother and baby photography poses above, or take them all to give more meaning to your works. After the photoshoot, do not forget to do image editing for a more dramatic effect. Do not hesitate to contact Dropicts when you need any help regarding photo editing. Contact us here if you are interested or have any questions about our services.

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