How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin

How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin | Dropicts

Do you ever think about how to take pictures of clothes without mannequin? But, why do we need to take a pictures of our clothes without mannequin? Because we need to attract our audiences and make them buy our product. For any business owners, besides the perfection of your product, of course you need the best photos of each product to attract potential customer interest. If we are talking about taking a pictures of a clothes without mannequin, you can make it into a flat lay photo. 

Flat lay is the best choice for you who is willing to start creating some good photos from your product. Just hang on your clothes on the background or lay it down, and shoot it. You don’t need a model or even mannequin, which means it will reduce your cost for photos production. You don’t need an expensive photography gear. To create a flat lay photos, it just need you to open the camera on your smartphone and start capturing your best product.  It’s sounds easy, but you need to pay more attention to get the best results for your photos. Here some tips from us how to take picutres of clothes without mannequin:


1. Choose a Clean Backgorund

How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin | Dropicts

Choose a clean background, mostly people will use a white background, as it is common color for clothes background photos. Or maybe if you want to make it different, you can choose a pastel background. So you can play around with color between the background and your clothes.

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2. Make Sure Your Clothes Line Straight

How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin | Dropicts

Make sure your clothes line straight, and pay more attention with the symmetry of the edges. Furthermore, you have to maintain the margin of the background (top, side and bottom). So the results from each photos will looks consistent.


3. Make Your Clothes Are Align Centered

How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin | Dropicts

To do so, you have to make your clothes are align centered. Don’t forget to double check the shoulders side. Make sure that the shoulders are aligned and you’re ready to capture!


4. Add Some Props

How to Take Pictures of Clothes without Mannequin Dropicts
To make it more beautiful, you can add some props to support creating character and build a story from your photos. 


After it, you need to check all the photos that you take. Are you satisfied with the results? Or maybe you feel something wrong with the photos? Now you have two option: First, you can re-shooting all your clothes, that will spent a lot of time. Or second, you can try to ask for some help form professional photo retouching services or a product image editing services. They will help you to:

– Project handling by a team of professionals and highly creative people.

– Drastic reduce in production cost

– High time efficiency for all projects

– A solid work relationship with a large and superior in-house production team.


Just like Dropicts, we just want to make our clients happy with our services. You can save time for touch up a photo, and you will get the best results as worldwide standards for ecommerce photography.

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