How to Blur Photos – The Simplest Methods for PC and Smartphone

how to blur part of a photo

Sometimes when we take a photo or image, we see our picture so flat, and it doesn’t look artistic. Let’s make your picture more artistic with blurry effects on any part of our photos, such as the background or the sky. So, this article will tell you how to blur photos on a PC and Smartphone.

How to Blur Photos – The Simplest Methods for PC and Smartphone

This tutorial will show you how to blur photos on a PC and Smartphone. It’s easy to follow, especially for beginners in photo editing. Let’s check this out!

1. Create Professional Blur Effects in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editors used around the world. It provides an option to edit your photo. It is an app for professional photo editors because there are so many advanced features on the app. But don’t limit yourself! You can practice using this tutorial, “how to blur photos on PC” can be your first work with Photoshop.

It won’t be easy your first time using Adobe Photoshop, but with more practice, you can also be a professional photo editor! So, here is the tutorial on how to blur part of a photo on a PC.

A. Open Your Photo in Photoshop.

Click the “Open” button and pick the photo you want to edit.

B. Use the Selection Tool

Click on the “Quick Selection” icon in the left corner of your monitor. It symbolizes a brush dot circle on the left corner of the app. If you can’t find it, click search and type “Quick Selection”. This feature helps you to pick any part of your photo. Select the photo part you want to blur.

C. Click Filter

After you select the part of your picture, click the “Filter” button on the top corner of the app. You can see any filter there, but we recommend using Gaussian Blur. So click on the “Blur” option, then choose Gaussian Blur.

D. Set the Radius

Then, a new window will pop up on your Photoshop App, and you should set the radius. The higher the radius, the more blurry the effect will be.

Then your photo is already set. Save and pick the kind of file you need. Sounds easy, right?

2. Use Online Photo Editor to Blur Photos Easily

There are so many online photo editors these days. This online photo editor will be easier than using photoshop. But sometimes the result is not as good as if you use Photoshop. But it is still okay to give your photo any blurry touch if you use the picture for your personal needs.

So, how to blur photos on a PC using an online photo editor? See the step-by-step blur photos using the online editor below.

A. Open your browser

First, open your browser on the PC. You can use any browser, like Chrome or Safari. Many websites allow you to blur your image online.

B. Click on Blur Image Online Website

There are so many websites that provide features to blur your image, and you pick one. We recommend that you choose PineTools.

C. Upload Your Photo and Pick a Type of Blurring

After you open PineTools, you will first see the upload box to upload your picture. Then tap on the button “Choose File” and select your picture. If your photo is already uploaded, then select the type of blurring. Then, click the button “Blur!”.

D. Save Your Picture with the Kind of Files You Need

Finally! You can save your picture. PineTools also provides any format for your photo, such as PNG, JPG, and WEBP.

3. Use the Phone Camera’s Portrait Mode to Create the Easiest Blur Effect

Mobile phone camera technology is growing today. With a smartphone camera, you can instantly take a photo with a beautiful blur effect. How to do that? Let’s see how to blur photos just using a phone camera.

A. Open your camera

The first thing you should do is open your camera app on the phone. Then, click portrait mode.

B. Focused on Your Object

After you finish the first step of how to blur part of a photo on a Smartphone, you can start taking any pictures in portrait mode. Focus on an object and tap the object on your phone. Take the photo and voila! You instantly get a photo with a blur effect.

However, before taking photos with your phone’s camera, make sure it has Portrait Mode. If your phone was released between 2016-2022, it must have Portrait Mode.

4. Use the Photo Editor App to Blur Photos on your Smartphone

If you are not satisfied with portrait mode on the camera, you should try photo editor apps such as Picsart or Snapseed. But we recommend you use Snapseed because it has more advanced features. Let’s check the tutorial on how to blur photos on your Smartphone using Snapseed.

A. Install Snapseed on Your Phone

If you don’t have Snapseed, download Snapseed now because it will help you make any aesthetic and artistic pictures.

B. Pick your Photo

After installing and registering to Snapseed, pick the photo, you want to edit. Then, tap tools.

C. Use Lens Blur

Later, you can scroll down and tap the Lens Blur features. At this moment, a circle will appear above the photo you are about to edit. Drag the circle across your image to define the area you want to blur.

Pinch or spread your finger across the screen to make the circle smaller, more significant, or longer.

D. Export the Photo

If you are satisfied with the result, tap and save your photo by tapping the checkmark on this app. Tap Export and select Save to add the image to your photo library.

Let’s Blur Your Image Together!

So that’s a tutorial on “how to blur part of a photo.” That is the simplest method you can use on a PC and Smartphone. You can blur your image by yourself for personal use or any business needs. You can also follow more photography tips from Dropicts to make your pictures look perfect. Hope this information is useful for you!

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