4 Steps on How To Add Watermark to Photos That You Can Try

how to add watermark to photos

There are various ways how to add a watermark to photos. In fact, you don’t even need to use a special watermark application because it’s very easy to do in image editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

Watermark is an important thing that must be in a photo. It is used to show that you have taken this photo with your own efforts. It is very important to have a watermark in the photo because it is useful to protect against plagiarism or the use of photos without your permission.

Adding watermarks to photos using Photoshop and other image editing tools is very easy and fast. Are you curious about how to do it? Check out the summary below.

What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a text or a photograph which can appear as transparent mark on your photographs. This gives the viewer more information about your photograph but does not distract from the actual picture. In an example of such behaviour the pictures you took with your iPhone will have your name included in it. The photo shows people that it is yours. This illustrates watermarks that you are adding.

Watermark comes in several shapes. Sometimes you can find it in the form of logo. Watermark can also comes in the form of text. Both logo and textual watermark do the same job; to show the ownership of a particular image. If someone used watermark images without express and written permission from the owner, then that someone can be said to have committed image theft, which is one of the most common crime in the world of digital photography.

Why You Should Watermark Your Photos?

A watermark is a prominent semi-transparent mark: a logo, company name overlaid on the original picture. The first and most important purpose of watermarks is to protect your copyright and prevent image stealing. Another advantage of watermarking your pictures is branding and promoting your brand as this is basically a free advertisement.

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Removing someone’s watermark is not legal in most countries. In the USA, the fines can exceed $2,000 for having a watermark removed. The United States may fine those who allegedly removed the watermark.

How to Add Watermark to Photos Using Adobe Photoshop

You can easily insert a watermark to a photo using Photoshop or any image editing software. In the watermark itself, there is usually a name, website, or image title. Sometimes, the image watermark is coupled with the copyright symbol as a sign that someone has the right to make and distribute the photo. Here are four steps for how to add a watermark to photos using Photoshop.

1. Create a New Layer

In Photoshop, you can create a new layer to add a watermark. Create a new layer by selecting Layer > New > name it “Watermark” so that it can be a sign that the layer is specifically watermarked. Then click OK so you can proceed directly to the next step.

2. Entering Text

Now you can start entering the watermark text by selecting the Text tool. Select any part of the photo to start writing text. There’s no need to think about text position, font, size, and colour for now. The most important thing is that you can start entering text.

The text entered as a watermark is usually your own name. This is a sign that you are the owner of the only photo, which of course you have taken yourself.

If you want to include a copyright symbol, this can be done this way:

  • Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Character Map (For Windows)
  • Edit> Specials Characters (For Mac OS X)

In the way above, you can directly insert the copyright symbol. Usually this symbol is in front of the text. Examples like “© Dropicts”.

3. Organize Your Text

Now you can start adjusting the watermark text. You can change the font, color, to the font size as you wish. Actually, for the text itself, you should choose white or black according to the composition of the photo. Can also select 50% Gray (RGB 128, 128, 128).

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Then you need to position the watermark in the desired position. You can put it in the corner of the photo. It can be in the lower right/left corner or the upper right/left corner. The point is not to let the watermark disturb the composition of your photo. Choose a position that viewers can quickly notify but do not interfere with the beauty of your photo.

4. Finishing

Watermark finishing can be changed by changing its opacity. You can adjust the watermark text opacity between 30% to 50%. Even though it will look clear, it is still easy for other people to notify.

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Online Watermarking Tools

If you are not into the technical side of image editing, watermarking photos can be a hassle. This is where online watermarking tool can help you. With an online tool, you can add custom watermarks with just a few taps: upload and add.

Here are some online watermarking tools that can help you watermark photos easily.

1. Watermark.ws

Watermark.ws allows you to import photos from social networks including YouTube, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Photos, Evernote, Gmail, etc for easy. You can easily add text or images watermarks to your photos using the Photo Watermarking App.

Numerous font formats are supported and you can easily add the copyright or trademark symbol anywhere in the photographs. When you’ve added the watermark, you can export into JPG for the image that’s saved with the file. We also like this online watermarking tool because it allows for other useful image editing tasks like cropping, resizing, flipping, border etc.

If you opt for the premium version, you can have watermark templates provided Watermark.ws. With templates, you can watermark photos easier.

2. Watermark.ink

Watermark.ink allows a unique view of larger images across the image. This web site also allows you add your own logo (or anything else) to the photo to maximize your watermark’s presence. Completed images can be saved to your computer as a JPG or PNG file. The fact that you can only submit photos directly to your website makes it not possible for you to use Facebook or Twitter.

How Do I Add Watermark to My Photos on Phone?

What if you are on a vacation and does not bring your laptop or computer? How do you add your own watermark with only your phone? The answer is through third party app.

There are app’s available on Android and iOS to mark images or videos with watermark. Many of these apps may require an in-app purchase which usually unlocks the features in the app. We show how a free app can be used on Android to watermark photos.

1. Watermark X (iPhone & iPad)

Watermark x is the perfect app for drawing watermarks for iPhone with the app’s easy interface. There are no unnecessary and confusing settings. The watermarked photograph is saved on Your device when completed but you also have a share option to post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

If you want to remove advertising, make all the designs available for use and enable batch watermarking, you have to pay an annual fee to use the service.

2. PhotoWatermark

PhotoWatermark is one of the best app to create watermarked image on Android. It offers hundreds of watermark sticker and you can adjust them accordingly to make them standout. The design is also intuitive which makes it easy to use and it also allows you to watermark multiple photos or batch watermarking.

3. LogoLicious

It is one of the best app to protect and promote your watermarked photo that works on iOS and Android. It supports many file types and you will not lose any resolution after the editing process. LogoLicious also works fast. You can add image watermark directly after snapping a photo, or you can load a picture and add image watermarks.

4. iWatermark

This app is probably on its own league compared to other apps in this list. iWatermark allows you very easy access to the watermark, easy to edit and very easy downloading. The user interface of the app includes an easy to follow link on any photo.

While you can do some pretty neat things though, the app does cost several dollars and if you are someone who needs customization though, the price makes these results almost worth it. The application has more than 1300 five-star reviews on iTunes and has over 160 fonts on which you can customize your image.

5. eZY Watermark

This tool is a classic if you are looking for a free one. This app has features that allows you to resize photos, add watermarks and change its opacity and colour, and change your watermark position among many things.

A free version, however, means that you have to deal with ads inside the app. However, it is a small price to pay protect all your images with the means of simple software. You can remove all the ads by simply purchasing the apps.

6. Salt

If you are looking for something simple, then Salt is the best option for you. It does not come with many customization options or cool-looking interface. But, it can do the job properly that is to watermark image properly. Sometimes, all you need is simplicity.

However, that does not mean that this app is not powerful. Through its specifically designed interface, applying watermarks has never been easier.

So that’s the information on how to add a watermark to photos. Easy, right? If you are not into the technical side of photo editing, you can always opt for online tools or even mobile apps to help you add text or even graphic watermark.

By using an online application, you will also be able to use watermark template which will make the watermark work faster, while offline applications such as Photoshop offer the freedom to chose manual watermark position and other settings. Whichever method you use, you will be able to prevent image theft and protect your entire image collection.

The addition of a watermark is indeed very important for photos that can be used for business needs. However, you don’t really need to do this yourself when using Dropicts Product Image Editing service which is able to provide professional work for business-used photographs. Check Dropicts for more information right now.

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