Having photoshoot for your jewelry product? Read this!

Having photoshoot for your jewelry product? Read this!

Jewelry product photography comes with its own unique set of challenges. Yes, because some of them are very small, having difficulity stage for shooting, fragile and the worst is… super expensive. The last reason make our heart beating so fast, right?

But don’t worry, it’s not Dropicts if we can’t help you on it. So, we made this list to help you with the do(s) and don’t(s) for the perks of jewelry photoshoot. Let’s get to the list!

1. Don’t Put Any Distracting Elements As the Background

jewelry product photography

As always, plain white or light gray background keeps the focus where it should be: on your product. It’s also able for having jewelry photoshoot. You can also try the black one to get the dope accents and vibes stepping into your products! It’s a little bit more tricky than using the white one, since we all know that white background is cheaper and easier to create.

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2. Clean Jewelry aAfter Touching it. Consider Using Gloves.

jewelry product photography

The crystal clear effect should be that clear! Your jewelry should be clean and polished. Wipe your jewelry everytime you touch it with your naked hand. Wearing cotton gloves is better. Your fingerprint will stay there and being captured if you don’t pay attention!

3. Watch Out With the Reflection!

It’s the trickiest do that you shout be worried about. Reflection. It’s difficult to shoot highly reflective objects without capturing distracting reflections. But, a double overhead lighting setup can minimize reflections. First, place your jewelry on a sturdy surface. Diffuse both lights with umbrellas. Hang and sweep a roll of seamless white paper behind and underneath your product and attach the paper to the bottom of your camera lens.

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4. If You Do it With Model, Let Them Naked!

No, chill. It’s not obviously naked. We mean, don’t let any distracting object ruin it. Such as, bright and dope make up, clothes with bling-bling or maybe a super monster hair do that will make the attention being stolen. A natural one with a basic ornament still be the best accompanion for your jewelry photoshoot.

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5. Choice the Best Photo Editor!

For this section, let us tell you the truth. Because do editing to your jewelry post-photoshoot file is not easy.At all. So, for the best, leave the rest to us! Click the chat bar on the right bottom, say hi to us as a professional image or photo retouching services and our customer relation officer will welcome you!

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