Good Picture Will Never Be Perfect Without Good Description

Let’s say it’s a simple thing to be worried about. But sometimes this thing could make them stop thinking about put your product on their cart. It’s a such an easy mistake, many writers do that unconsciously. Not every product descriptions could sell the products. Basically,
product description is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it’s worth purchasing.

Then, how? So, here we compile what you need to consider when you’re writing your product description. Here is the list!

1. Put yourself on their shoes

The best product descriptions address your buyer directly and personally. Use ‘you’ as the subject. When you write your own product descriptions, imagine your soon-to-be buyer. Imagine, if you were them, will you love your write? Will it bring up your believe to purchase? Then you’ll find the best way to approach them!

2. Use sensory words

Sensory words are tools needed to create thorough descriptions.
The more senses that can be utilized and the more specific the word used, the better the description, the more the reader can identify with what the writer is describing. Sensory adjectives are power words, they make your reader experience your copy while reading. For example, describe how food product tastes. Is it ‘crisp’? Or ‘smooth’? Or ‘creamy’? Put it on the sentences then make your reader experiencing the taste!

3. Tell them accurately

Always be accurate in your product descriptions. Wrong data on your product description will make them lose their trust. Proofread and fact-check at least three times before you post it. Because maybe sometimes we miss some things. Either size, color or maybe texture. You should tell them the truth. Because marketing isn’t a lie, it’s about how you embrace your product uniqueness.

4. Keep it short

If there anyone that say ‘long-deep story could steal the attention more’, well… it’s definitely wrong. If we’re talk about the copy, the short-but-meaningful one could be the winner of the ground. Remember that your buyers go to your site not to read a novel, they are browsing it for spending money. Don’t make a mess by making mistake on it.

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