Which Type of Cut Out Image Background is Right for You?

Which Type of Cut Out Image Background is Right for You

Have you explored into the photography post-production process and techniques? If so, have you come across cut-out images? It is actually one of the most common steps in photo editing or retouching, although some may not realize it. Explore the details of this process here!

What Actually That Cutting Out Image Is?

A cut-out image is created by removing the main elements (such as subjects, objects, or any other elements) from their original background or image and placing them onto a new,
clean image or background.

This technique is also known as deep etching. The process used to create these cut-out images is called photo cutout. By utilizing this process, you can achieve a more appealing appearance for the image by eliminating distracting elements and focusing solely on the main subject.

Types of Cut Out Images

Cut Out service goes beyond basic background removal services and it has various types. There are two ways to categorize the types of cutouts. First, based on how the image background is cut, and second, based on the level of difficulty during the editing or retouching process.

A. Based On How You Cut

Since each cut has its own method, there are several methods too. Here’s the explanation based on how you are going to cut.

1. Cropping Out the Image’s Background

By using this cutting technique, you can crop the background and isolate the desired object or people to place them in a different background. You can utilize any application to remove the background of any image you desire.

2. Detach a Person from an Image’s Background

This process can be a solution when you capture a picture in a crowded situation or location where an unwanted person or people appear in the frame. Utilizing a background eraser tool will assist you in easily implementing this technique.

3. Take Off an Object from a Background

This cut out image technique requires a significant amount of time and energy as it involves the use of object selection tools. There are two methods to achieve this. The first method involves removing the background of the object, while the second method involves placing the object on a solid color background and then making it transparent before placing it onto another image of your choice.

4. Taking Off a White Background from an Image

A solid white background is a safe choice for a product or any other type of photography. Still, it can be just boring. You can change the mood by cutting out the white background and replacing it with another that fits better properly.

5. Cutting Out Image with Transparent Background

Replacing the background of your image with a transparent one has become more accessible with the availability of various apps, both offline and online, that offer paid or free options. But you can also do it manually through photography software.

6. Taking Off a Background Design

Typically, the task entails cutting out a design or artwork from its background. It is recommended to entrust this technique to professional hands as it involves intricate elements, careful attention, and specific maneuvers.

B. Based On The Difficulty Level

Meanwhile, the difficulty level is divided into:

1. Simple Process

When dealing with objects that have curvy shapes, you will require a smaller number of anchor points along the path for the cut-out process. As a result, it takes less time to complete the job. Examples of objects that are relevant to this process include sunglasses, rings, and watches.

2. Medium

Bracelets, bags, and shoes are objects that have more anchor points and curves. You require a higher level of technique in selecting subjects and removing backgrounds for this kind of medium cut-out image, especially if they also have transparency incorporated through holes.

3. Complex

When an object has geometric shapes, transparency created by holes, or intricate curves (such as bouquets and jewelry), it can be classified as a complex image. In such cases, you should employ techniques like using contrasting colors to trace and cut the object during the background photo editing process.

4. Super Complex

Bicycles and decorative objects such as chairs or chandeliers fall into the category of super complex images that require meticulous accuracy and a high level of photo editing skills due to their intricate details, curves, and shapes. The cut-out process for these images is extensive and intensive.

What Kind of Industries That Are Perfect With Cut Out Image ?

Nowadays, utilizing the image cut-out process not only saves time but also enables the creation of high-quality images. This process enhances the sharpness and clarity of the images, resulting in a cleaner and more refined look. As a result, it brings numerous benefits to various business fields. Here are some of the industries that are perfect to use cut out images.

1. Clothing and Fashion Business

While models and backgrounds often enhance the appeal of clothing and fashion products, the audience also desires a closer look at the details and key features. Cutting out images simplifies the process of incorporating the image into different scenarios, such as using a ghost mannequin, or adjusting the color choices for product showcasing. This flexibility allows businesses to showcase their products in a more versatile and customized manner.

2. E-Commerce Business

Images on e-commerce platforms have a significant impact on capturing attention and creating a unique customer experience. The image cut-out service offers a superior method for businesses in this field to showcase their products in detail and in various realistic scenarios that align with the audience’s preferences.

High-quality product images created through deep etching can greatly enhance customer engagement. As a vital element, these images help introduce the brand to potential customers, ultimately influencing conversion rates and sales figures.

3. Printing and Media Business

This business industry is closely connected with visual and graphic design, as they create brochures, flyers, infographics, and magazines for various clients. The deep etch technique assists them in producing visually professional and appealing designs and print materials.

Interested To Use Cut Out Image Services?

For a simple cut out, you can use free or paid offline or online tools to assist you with the deep etch process. However, when you have a complex case, it is much easier to seek assistance from professionals like Dropicts.

They can remove the background from the image and retouch them according to your objectives. So, let’s book a consultation with an expert to produce high-quality photos!


  • What is an Image Background Removal Service?
    It’s a service offered by professional image retouching or editing providers to take out an image background. It involves the technique of isolating first the main image’s subject and cleaning the rest of it.
  • What is the Benefit of Removing the Background from the Image?
    By removing background from the image, you can eliminate distracting elements and enhance the visual impact, thereby capturing the audience’s attention and influencing their behavior and decision-making. This process also provides you with ample creative freedom. You can adjust the brightness, color, and overall quality of the object, such as a product, which can significantly impact conversion and sales rates in the e-commerce industry.
  • What are the Best Background Removal Tools?
    You can opt for Adobe Express, cutout.pro, Clipping Magic, Pxl Background Remover, Removal AI, and Remove BG to help you do the task.
  • Why is Cut Out Image Important?
    Essentially, this type of image is more appealing as the product becomes the focal point of the picture. In comparison to images with solid dark backgrounds or gray colors, the cut-out style appears more professional and attracts a larger user base for both business and personal purposes.

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