Hair Color Correction Tips to Enhance Your Photos

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Not everyone will understand how color has an impact on your photos. Color is such an essential element of a photo or image. If there is an issue with the color, your photo may not look good. The wrong hair color correction makes the model appear terrible in the photo.

Do not fret. We have done complete research to give everything you need to know about color correcting on your hair. Starting from the physical to the digital ways, scroll down for more information!

What Is Hair Color Correction?

As it sounds, hair color correction is correcting or fixing the unwanted result of a color job gone wrong or touching up to make the hair color pop. You can correct your hair color in several ways. For instance, toning out unwanted brassiness, dying your hair darker, or lightening your hair to achieve the desired effect.


You may ask, how long does it take to correct your hair color?

The process may take some time depending on how damaged your hair is and the results you desire. It may take days, weeks, or even months. Plus, you need a professional hair stylist since the correcting process is difficult. Also, the harsh chemicals used will need extra supervision.

Factors that affect the length of the color correction hair process are including hair type, texture, porosity, condition, and the effectiveness of each hair care products. That is what makes the color correcting process such a long journey and likewise expensive. Is there any other solution?

Hair Color Correction in Photos

Yes, you do not misread. You can correct hair color in photos with the help of a photo editing application, such as Photoshop! With a digital process, you can change your hair’s highlights and color easily and safely.

This is certainly useful for you who work in the fashion and photography business. Digitization makes things easier so you can focus on sales promotions and business processes.

Step-by-Step Hair Color Correction

To keep it short and clear, here are the touch-up steps to correct the hair color in your photo using Photoshop.

1. Open your photo in Photoshop and then duplicate the layer

You have to always keep a copy of the original photo. If anytime you need it back for re-editing or other things, you will have no trouble finding it again. Apart from that, the original photo is used to compare the original hair color with the edited one.

2. Choose the hair you want to correct

The next step to do your hair makeover is to choose the section of hair that you want to correct. Luckily in the latest version of Photoshop, you can automatically select hair from photos. Thus, you can simply press the “Quick Selection Tool” to make hair selection easier.

After that, you can use “Refine Selection” to fade the hairline so that your edits look more realistic. Alternatively, you can use a brush tool and select a brush size followed by selecting the hair area manually.

When the pop-up window appears, select the “On White” option to clearly see your hair color selection. You can adjust the “Smart Radius” to adjust the transparency around the edges of the selected hair. Take note! You should set a number between 1.5 to 2.5.

Afterwards, go to “Output” and select “New Layer with Layer Mask” then press the “OK” button. If you only want to see the hair you have selected, click the eye icon to hide and unhide the original layer.

When you want to dye the hair lighter, you need the right mask to bring the effect all over the edges of the hair without any holes. However, if you want to make your hair darker, you can use the soft mask to get realistic results.

3. Apply the color

Once you’ve successfully selected the hair area, it’s time to change the color. First, you can click on the “New Adjustment Layer” icon at the bottom of the layers palette. Then, select “Hue/Saturation”.

Next, simultaneously press Ctrl + Alt + G keys on your keyboard to apply the color only to the hair you selected. If you do it manually (clicking on the colorize option in the pop-up window, your photo tone will turn red), you’ll need more steps to get the hair color correction you want.

Next step will be when a pop-up window appears. You can slide the slider right and left to adjust the “Hue”, “Saturation”, and “Lightness”. If you want to change the hair color, choose a color from the palette icons at the bottom and click the color desired.

Need another option? You can use the Color Balance option. First, make sure that the Layer Mask is always active, and press Ctrl + click on the Layer Mask thumbnail to select the hair.
Create a new adjustment layer by clicking “Adjustment Layers” at the bottom of the layers palette. Now you can play with the colors, highlights, and tones in the Color Balance pop-up menu.

4. Edit it to be more realistic

You can play with the opacity and blend to make the edits more realistic. Your energy and end result will vary depending on the finishing you want. For example, you can set the blending mode with 75% opacity for a metallic color. Editing will be much easier if your desired hair color is just natural.

Applications for Hair Color Correction

If you find any difficulty using Photoshop, you can try these simple applications.

  • Hair Color Changer
  • Youcam Makeup
  • Hair Color Dye
  • Hair Color Studio
  • Hairstyle Makeover
  • Modiface Hair Color
  • Hair Color Changer
  • Fabby Look
  • Hair Color Changer Salon Booth
  • Hair Color Booth

With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), you can change your hair color easily. However it comes with consequence, the editing results cannot be as detailed as using Photoshop. But you can still consider the application as your second option.

Do You Need Photo or Hair Color Correction Service?

Correcting hair may look easy, but it takes a strong editing skill to catch the realism of the edits. By doing hair color correction, your model in the photo will look more alive and much more stunning.
If you still face some troubles in editing photos, it is always recommended to try our photo color correction service from Dropicts! Get in touch with us and find the best service for your photography needs!

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