4 Digital Marketing Trends Forecast on 2021

4 Digital Marketing Trends Forecast on 2021

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we dont catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer.

Based on that quote, do you ever wonder how big the digital marketing industry in the future? Or at least, what will be happening next year? On this page, we’ll invite you to our time capsule and doing time travel to the future. Some must be unpredictable, but some must be exercised from what exists now. If we talk about the concept, it would be a million way to be covered. Also the platform. But, here we compile some of the trend forecasting that will be happening on digital marketing trends industry. List is down there, fellas!

1. Deep Integration from Social Media Companies.

As we know, some of apps or platform, such as Instagram, Pinterest and even Tinder, are able to be signed in and share data with Facebook Account as the third party service. Linked In is now also available to some apps and platform. In the future, this system will be one of the way for digital business, even marketing. This system helps providing better services for smaller websites and apps by share more user data with their audiences and create a more seamless experience across third-party apps.

2. Live Video Will Be On The Trend List.

It’s now at the era that many social media companies decide to provide live video feature on their platform. In 2016, more than 80% of internet users watched more live video than the year prior—likely due to the rise of more modern streaming services. And it’s growing and growing time by time. It brings up the engagement, build action more and of course motion visual is never wrong. That’s why television could be the mega industry for a long time.

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3. Chatbots is Your Friend.

Incoming social messages to your brand need a response. Because our market need to be responded soon and there will be thousand things to be responded, you need Chatbots to help you serving what they need or at least make them know the basic. This system will be still on the trend and would go to advance level of interest. Chatbots will be upgraded, based on what the companies need and how their market need to be responded. Well, service is the best marketing.

4. Social Media Influencer is The Dude.

Let’s say “OMG, nothing different?”. Yap, the answer is social media influencers get the on the high list of marketing tools. Talking about building trust, influencer always be the best weapon for us to build thought that we want them to think. Especially if they know that the statement comes from someone they believe. Reputation is the key. As a professional photo services, you can go check our blog about Key Opinion Leader if you wanna know better about pick the influencer.

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