Improving Product Photography for e-Commerce Business

Improving Product Photography for e-Commerce Business Product Photography for e-Commerce Business

If you’re selling product online, what would you expect from your customer? Buying it? Searching some information about your product? Skeptict? Or what else? If you are expecting your customer want to buy your product, you have to give a perfect introduction to attract first impression from your customer by making a great product photography for e-Commerce.

To attract your customer’s first impressions, you need to stimulate the five senses from them that shopper would normally rely on to make a purchase decision in-person, or to increase the odds that they will actually put the items to basket.

A customer may not know your product inside – out like you do. But they know how to seek out information that will inform and steer their buying decisions like reading an editorial, watching online reviews, etc. Therefore, presenting your products through quality photography enables an e-commerce retailer to add a value and worthiness for the businesses. Here are some simple tips to make a great product photos:

1. Backdrop

Simple thing you could prepare by yourself, is a white backdrop. It will help you to simplified your post-production process especially when you want to removing the white background.

2. Setting Up the Product

Of course, you need to setting up your product for a stable shooting. You can use tape, glue dots, fishing line or other help materials to fix the position of your product. But remember, your background should be white.

3. Photography Angles

The camera angles is relative, it will referring to your product. You should shoot a variety of angles to make your product look most presentable to consumers.

4. Post-Production Process

Last but not least, post-production process is really important to add value to your product. Often, the lighting or background are not perfect, and post-production process can help to fix it. Post-production process can be as simple as background removal, retouching, or maybe as complex as color correction.

Let say, good product photography for e-Commerce is really important to your e-commerce business. But, it’s not only the photography process. You need to beautify your product photos through the post-production process, so it can produce stunning presentation of your product.

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