Composite Images Guide: What Are They and How To Master It?

composite image

What comes to your mind when you hear a composite image? It sounds quite unfamiliar, but you must have seen it before. In general, this term refers to an image created from multiple elements of photography. Photographers often use a composite image to bring something new and even more realistic.

Almost all photos in commercials are composite. You can find a composite image in most places, whether on social media, billboards, digital ads, and websites. If you’re wondering how to create and learn more about it, we’ve got you covered! You’ll even find some attractive inspirations to build your creativity. So, let’s get started!

What is a Composite Image in Photography?

A composite image combines two or more photographs to make a new one. Although it may sound simple, creating a composite photo involves complex composition techniques. It requires special skills to get a smooth image quality.

Composite photography has various usages, including focal stacks, collages, fantasy scenes, focal length blends, etc. Some image retouching services utilize it to build interaction and refine photos to look natural. Indeed, there is no significant requirement for the number of photos to be composited.

Moreover, editing software for both beginners and professional editors is essential during the composite process. It lets you put your creativity at hand, so the result looks impressive. So, prepare yourself because you may need to spend more hours creating your own image.

Why is Composite Image Important?

Composite photography plays many vital roles for photographers. It helps to overcome the limitations of capturing images at the location. Sometimes, some objects are obscured by the camera. As a result, using composite photos will create lighting conditions that are difficult to obtain only from one angle.

In addition, composite photos are highly profitable for photo editing services. For example, when a client needs a picture showing an object or a person that appears to levitate in
the air, this technique is needed to combine those photos.

How To Create Composite Image

After you learn a quick explanation of a composite image in photography, it’s time for you to learn how to create it. Before that, you should understand that digital compositing requires the right equipment. You need to learn composite editing software, such as Photoshop, to create great composites.

Look at the following easy steps on how to make a composite photo using editing software:

1. Select Image Elements

The first step is to decide which images you want to composite and layer. Scroll down your photos in the gallery and look for photos with similar lighting elements.

2. Make Layers

The second step is to create a new image file for your composite image. Also, you need to add several layers for each element. Your first layer will be the image you choose to be
the background. Try to optimize the selection tools to build and move layers.

3. Use the Mask Button

Next, you can create a layer mask using the mask button. This part is so interesting since it allows you to blend, hide, and reveal each image element. Use the brush tool to remove unwanted parts in your image. The mask button also allows you to make a gradient to combine your image element into a composite image.

4. Adjust Image Colors

After the digital composite is made, the next step is to adjust the image color for a more refined one. You must change the brightness, saturation, color temperature, and contrast. You need to be familiar with each tool to master it.

Composite Image Ideas to Enhance Creativity

We’ll give you 3 awesome inspirations to explore composite photography. Check it out!

A. Duplicate Subjects

Duplicating and multiplying the subject is the simplest effect you can do. You can take different photo poses from different angles and combine the subjects to create an illustration. For example, make a composition of a person walking out of the house.

B. Build Your Imagination

You can explore different places easily using composite photography. In this case, you can bring your imagination to reality. For example, let’s say you change the background to
outer space along with the stars and galaxies. So, it creates a fascinating picture that is unusual and unique.

C. Create Storytelling

You can add elements to your photo and compose it into a unique story. The key point is that the composition settings must be proper. Use the character of your image that portrays
a powerful narrative to enhance interaction. As a result, your image will be so advanced and impactful for anyone who sees it.

Are You Ready To Create Your Own Composite Image?

To create composite images, make sure you have mastered the editing software. This way, you can easily follow the steps and explore your creativity. Additionally, you can learn more about the different shooting styles to enhance the images you want to composite.

Anyway, you can also visit Dropicts for image compositing, image retouching, or other related image editing services. This platform is good and might be helpful for you.


  • What makes a good composite image?
    When it comes to making great composites, there are a few things to understand. It includes color settings, light, camera settings, angles, and image proportions.
  • Are composites real images?
    In short, composite photography is an image editing that changes or enhances an original photo with several disparate photos.
  • Where are composite images commonly used?
    Most companies and individuals utilize this digital technology to enhance their images. You can find them in creative advertising, real estate, posters, news, or even social media.
  • What is the difference between compositing and rendering?
    These are two different but related to each other. Rendering creates a photo used to create a composite. Meanwhile, composition means combining two or more images into a single photo.
  • How many images to create a composite image?
    Honestly, there are no limitations on the number of images you may need to composite. It only requires at least 2 images to create a great composite photograph.

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