Are Sharpening Image Photo for Product is Important?

Are Sharpening Image Photo for Product is Important?

Every online seller always wants to get 1:1 color ratio between actual product and the product photo. Do you think if you’re doing a photoshoot for your product then you can use it directly for online selling purposes? We don’t think so. Post production process is really important to make sure that your product photo is perfect for presenting your brand through digital platforms. As an example, sharpen your photo. Sharpening photo is really subjective. It’s all back on the eyes behind the screen. But, the objective is for creating a crisp and make your photo looks pop than before. It will make the edges of your subject looks more defined and contrast by using sharpening tools in Photoshop. When we are looking at an image, we will see the sharpest detail first, then the rest.

But, do you have to sharpen all the photo that you took? The answer is absolutely yes, sharpen all of your photo as much as you can. By adding some contrast to your raw photo, it will look more interesting. Remember, not too much, just sharpen it in a good way. Here is an example for sharpening photo naturally

As we can see from the photo above, what is the difference between before-after photo? The edges from the watches are more apparent, it stands out a lot more. It looks more visually interesting.

Then, how will we know if we are sharpened the photo correctly? You have to know the resolution from final photo, then you can take the level of sharpening tools easily. First, the object still looks real, not looks like animation or vector. And second, even sharpening doesn’t give back details from your photo, but as we mentioned before, the shape from the product will look more stands out, a little more. Remember, sharpening should be done after you got the exact resolution from your final photo. Either it will be used for print media, web export, etc.

Besides all, the color of your photo will look more pop than before. As the sample photos above, we can see the difference from the color. The product itself is well visually described by giving the details with a contrast color. Is it right?
Last but not least, if you’re sharpening your photo too much, then the result will be like photo below.

You will lose the details from your product, and we think you can’t sell your product if you’re using the bad photo. How will your audiences know the details from your product? Always remember to grab first impressions from your audiences by presenting your brand through a stunning photo, like this one.

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And maybe if you’re thinking about time efficiency, you don’t need to capture all product photography that have a different color.

You can change it away on post production process by Color Replacement into your main product like photo above. Or give it to us, it was our specialty is replacing color of your product. You only need to provide the color palette, and we will make it real.
Once again, sharpen product photo is really subjective. Even your digital camera has sharpening tools, but we suggest you do it manually, with any kind of application that you can. If you don’t have any time for post production process, then it was Dropicts task to help you enhance all of your photos.

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