Why Dropicts & E-commerce Are Mutual

Why Dropicts & E-commerce Are Mutual

Nowadays, e-Commerce has becomes a vital part of world economic systems. Almost 80% of netizen have experienced online shopping, 50% of them are bought things online more than once, and the great fact is almost 90% of world population recently are accessed everything through the internet. You can possibly imagine that there are lots of opportunities of higher sales through the internet rather than offline store itself. By using the internet, possibilities of your product being sold anywhere in the world is definitely wide open and added with the presence of Google, the numbers are increased.

More opportunities of sales will lead into a tight competition. It is true that selling through the internet is not easy as it’s mentioned. You will face a competition against hundreds to thousands of competitors who are selling the similar stuffs like your store. The question is, how can you beat your competitor and stand out your store at the front? One of the following thing to concern is the display of your products on your site. The main weapon that you can rely on is your product images, and of course the item’s description. Product images is one of the essential part that you can use to give the actual look of your products, and item description as the second weapon to strengthened your products presentation.

The main goal of Dropicts is to make the e-Commerce business becomes more fascinating by our touch. We have seen that many e-Commerce companies hardly to compete against their competitor because they fail presenting their products well enough. To solve that problem, Dropicts comes up to help you. We provide services as shortcut to get a professional look of your images without spending too much cost for this important part.


Our services are not limited to what we have mentioned here, but here are the most used techniques for some E-Commerce product image editing standard.

Remove Background / Clip Out

This is most fundamental task for most image editing work and this is might be the simplest task of image editing, but as of creating high quality background removal, it will also need more efforts and time. We are really concern with our background removal quality.


There might be some defect or imperfection that appeared in your product image, our retouching services will help you to remove the imperfections, so if you already have the standard of retouching, we will always implement that to our daily process.

Color Correction

For some events, colors that showed out in your product images are looks pretty bad. We are able to help in maximizing its color with our color correction skills.

Ghost Mannequin

If you are selling apparel, then the best way to display your product image is by showing the products are being used whether by mannequin or real human. We have seen many e-Commerce sites using this technique as their image editing standard.

Dropicts and Ecommerce
Dropicts and Ecommerce

Crop & Retouch

In some occasion your product images might appear un-consistently and looks a little un-attracted, with this technique you can have your image consistently appeared and touched up.

Dropicts and Ecommerce
Dropicts and Ecommerce

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The first thing to do before we initiate the project is to implement your images specification, type of editing that you need, and other aspects that might be required in the future into our daily works activity.

Process & Development

We will start editing your images based on your specifications and guidelines; we also develop our works method in order that the process will be much more efficient and keep it on the best ways.

Quality Assurance

When you received the edited images we will provide you with quality assurance, so whenever you found any errors made by us, we will fix the images free of charges. We will also assign a project manager as a person in contact from our side to make sure your project keep running well.


Capture and Send

Capture some of product images, pick the best and send to us

Images Processing

Our teams are working on transform your product image to the best quality. You will get your images back within 24 hours.

Ready to Sell

Your images are ready to upload on your website to start sales activity.

WE HELP OTHERS TO SUCCEED” is the quote that we believe as our fundamental reason we built Dropicts.

We are a company based in Indonesia and we provide image editing services for all people who need our help to enhance their product images, whether they are individual seller who sell online, small to large e-commerce company, or even photographers who need image editing assistances. In general, our services are providing services for e-Commerce fields.

By using Dropicts as a professional image or photo retouching services, our clients will get some advantages, such as your project will be handled by professional team, drastically reduce your production cost, and completion of the task is fast as we have large in-house production team.

With all these advantages, you can allocate your time and efforts for other sector that might be more essential for your company’s development program.

Dropicts and Ecommerce


We are very happy be able to help you enhance your product image for your e-commerce site. We would like to see your e-commerce store looks beautiful and professional. For more product image optimization be sure to follow us and stay tuned to our latest article.