Tricks to Make Your Images Become Realistic and Dramatic

Tricks to Make Your Images Become Realistic and Dramatic

Sometimes after you finish your photoshoot session you think that your image isn’t as good as you want. Such as electronics, that’s why image editing is necessary, with editing you can manipulate, crop, combine, or even remove the background.

Background Removal

Background Removal on Images Become Realistic and Dramatic

You can use certain tools in a photo editor to remove any unwanted objects behind, leaving a plain background on it’s place. Background removal is time consuming and you really have to care about the details. If you want to sell electronic items then you should place a proper background so the audience will not be distracted with the background. Using a solid color is way better and placing a shadow behind it then it would be perfect.

Adjusting the Contrast

Adjusting the Contrast on image

Playing with contrast will enhance your image and it will be more dramatic. One thing that you should do is increase the saturation levels and make the colors more vibrant. Do it with your heart! Incorrect saturation and wrong adjustment will make the image become unrealistic. If those steps are too hard for you, try to use a filter on editing apps, filter will make it a little softer and brighter.

Choosing Shadows

Choosing Shadows on image

Shadow is a key, when you’re photographing your electronics and knowing if the light has too much contrast is also important, shadows will help you create more realistic and dramatic images. Create an image of the object with its shadow, if you think the shadow is too much or too less then you can use a brush with Photoshop.

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