10 Amazing Photography Tricks We Can Learn from The Pros

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Have you seen any fantastic photos like someone flying in the sky or holding a very big bottle of Coca-Cola? Those were photography tricks. If you love to create any awesome pictures and make people question your photos, “How do they do that?”, “How is it possible?”, then these 10 amazing tricks might help you.

Let’s see how professional photographers do their job to make excellent photos we see on the Internet everyday.

10 Amazing Photography Tricks We Can Learn from The Pros

Are you new to the photography field? Don’t worry! Beginners can also apply all of these photography tricks.

1. Create Dreamy Photos with Freelensing

A photography trick involves placing the lens in a floating position in front of the camera. It is called Freelensing. Usually within this trick, you use another lens by moving the lens freely in front of the mount. It sounds a little complicated, but practice makes perfect! So, do your routine with the lens.

Besides, with this technique, you can create dreamy photos with blurry-beautiful effects.

2. Vintage and Retro Style Photos with Prism Photography

Love to make vintage and retro style photos? You should try the prism photography technique.

It’s beautiful and a charming photography trick using an optical phenomenon that can generate a stunning rainbow effect, dispersion of light, and excellent refraction.

To achieve this effect, you can use a unique lens or utilize the lights. But now, you can only use a photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop or Picsart to generate this effect.

3. Shapes in Bokeh

This technique will be fun for you. Shapes in Bokeh is a photographic trick that creates a shape using out-of-focus or blurry areas in the photo. The shape of the Bokeh is evident in areas with highlights or bright spots of light.

You can achieve this photo effect by placing a filter with a shaped hole in front of the lens. Besides, this trick can help you produce cute and dreamy photos.

4. Reflection Photography Trick

It’s nothing new because you can create a mirror effect with photo editing applications currently available. However, there is a unique sensation that is satisfying when you hunt for things every day without accidentally producing reflections.

That’s where the art of photography is stored! Look for objects that do reflect reflections and see what’s reflected in them, and you’re good to go! If you use a phone camera and want to take reflections on the water, you can flip the camera 180 degrees. So you can easily take a reflection picture.

5. Light Painting with Time-Lapse Photography

One of the popular photography tricks is time-lapse. It takes slow-moving objects such as clouds, sunsets, sunrises, and city scenes, also the movement of light, such as lights or fires that move quickly and produce various beautiful shapes.

Time-lapse can help sequence various moments into another and create a single moment captured in one. For those who are serious about pursuing this most straightforward trick, you can start learning what is called light painting or painting with light.

The good news is that you don’t have to work hard to master photography techniques like gadgets like SLRs or professional cameras. It’s enough with a smartphone that you carry everywhere. You can chat and play on social media; You can implement this time-lapse and light painting technique in your photo portfolio too!

No need to carry a big camera everywhere! Whenever you want to do light painting at night, just take out the camera that fits in your pocket and experiment with colorful lights. Sounds fun, right? Indeed, especially for photography lovers.

6. Picture of NightShade

Nightshades are the most attractive-looking photos. Generally, taking pictures at night or in the dark can be very challenging. It is because our camera will usually have trouble capturing light when it’s night or somewhere with minimum glare.

But, these days you can take a picture at night easily with Night Mode, which is available on every modern smartphone. You also can edit your picture to nightshade using any photo editor and play with the contrast. We recommend you to check out these photography tips with Adobe Lightroom to get a natural nightshade look in your image.

7. Unique Photography Tricks: Color Monochrome

Usually, monochrome is identical to black and white. You may feel bored with this color, so why don’t you try color monochrome techniques in your picture and get a gorgeous view?

The color monochrome technique combines black with one other color that is neither white nor gray. When you can play the color grayscale tones correctly, your photo composition will immediately look different than usual, and even more stunning.

8. Colorful Image with High Dynamic Range Photography

High dynamic range (HDR) is a set of techniques used in imaging and photography to reproduce a more excellent dynamic range of exposure than using standard photographic or imaging techniques.

Usually, you can produce HDR Images by shooting three or more photos of the same scene. It means the photographer took the picture with a different shutter speed or combination of apertures. The more contrast the location has, the more photos you will need.

9. Long Exposure Photography Tricks

Long exposure is a photography trick combining a still object with a moving object and using a slow shutter speed to get the effect of movement (or trail) of a moving object.”

Also, LEP uses slow shutter speeds (usually 30″/second or more) to capture and collect light on the camera for extended periods, resulting in more light entering and being recorded by the camera sensor until the shutter is closed.

10. Create a Different Perspective of Photo with Tilt Shift Photography

Have you taken any miniature photographs? If you like to take any miniature photograph, you should be familiar with the photography trick: Tilt-Shift.

Tilt-shift photography itself is a shift and tilt of the lens relative to the position of the camera sensor. With this technique, you can obtain the photos with different perspectives without manipulation because the resulting depth of field and broad curve are not natural.

Usually, the photographer uses this trick to make natural objects look like replicas or miniatures. If you shoot a model, you can get the object’s detail by taking a close-up without losing the perspective of the original shape.

You need a full-frame camera to get photos that don’t change perspective. In addition, you need a wide lens and a wide enough aperture. If you want object detail, you can use a macro lens or lenses designed explicitly for tilt-shift photography, which is usually quite expensive.

Let’s Make Your Photos Outstanding Using Photography Tricks!

That was 10 Amazing Photography Tricks We Can Learn from The Pros. Use one of these techniques to make your photo outstanding!

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