Tips for eCommerce Photography

Tips for E-Commerce Photography

Electronic commerce or eCommerce is a kind of business that requires the internet to buy and sell goods or services online. The eCommerce customers can only see the goods or services’ pictures on the screens of their smartphones or laptops when they are surfing the internet. Thus, the eCommerce platforms must display high quality images of such goods or services to attract potential customers. This is where eCommerce photography plays a key role in delivering the greatest images possible.


Just like photography in general, there are also several tips about eCommerce photography that will help you snap the most professional-looking shots. Keep on reading to find out more tips for eCommerce photography and improve your eCommerce’s photo collection!


Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

This is the first tip that you cannot underestimate. Get every single thing━camera, tripod, lighting, models (human being or inanimate objects)━ready and in good shape. There is no such thing as being too prepared in photography, and eCommerce photography is no exception.


Next, make a shortlist for your reference during the photoshoot. The list usually includes details, namely which models to have their pictures taken, in what poses or positions the models should be, which angles to photograph them, etc. If you are using props to go along with the models, remember to include the props on your shortlist as well. Make sure the props don’t outshine the models.


Be Consistent

E-commerce photography requires consistency in order to lure and make the customers focus on the images. If a pure white backdrop is applied on one image, then the same backdrop of the same color must go for the other images as well. If you are working on Halloween-themed pictures, for example, you have to put Halloween-related items and background in the photo session. 


Other than helping the customers concentrate on the pictures being displayed, consistent themes and styles show how professional and neat an eCommerce business website really is. It makes them believe that this is a trustworthy eCommerce company that means serious business, and so they can safely spend their money on the goods or services that the eCommerce platform sells.

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Take Many Pictures From Various Angles

This is another important tip for eCommerce photography. You should provide as many pictures as possible from many different angles. Keep in mind that the customers might have never seen the goods beforehand and therefore they need to “see” the goods from every direction. With product photos from many different angles, the customers will be fully informed of what they are going to buy and get. Also, they should be less likely to return the purchased items to you as the customers already know what they are expecting.


Edit or Retouch The Photos

Now that you have covered the pre-production phase, it is time for you to learn some post-production, which includes editing or retouching your photos. You may use the best camera and lighting equipment, though you will notice that several images are blurred, dark, or of inappropriate colors. Photo editing or retouching is required to make them outstanding and click-worthy.

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