Future Trends of eCommerce 2021 Customer Services: Chatbot

The Future of eCommerce Customer Services: Chatbot

As we mentioned before on Improving Customer Service for eCommerce Business article’s, actively asking for feedback are really important for an e-commerce site. And now, let’s discuss about future trends of eCommerce 2021, chatbot! Someone who can be ‘best friend’ for their potential buyer or loyal customers. Someone who could guide them and give recommendation for customer’s needs. Someone who can answer questions and clarify any doubts from customers.

Future Trends of eCommerce 2021 Customer Services: Chatbot

Nowadays, with technology that has well developed, conversations can be automated, and let’s say that there is no need to have a physical person to handle each customer. It’s called chatbots. It can be ‘someone’ who could guide and give recommendation for customers and ‘someone’ who can answer questions and clarify any doubts from customers. The largest social media platform, Facebook is made it possible for programmers to build chatbots on Facebook Messenger, since April 2016.



Another example, Airbnb already has its own bot for ‘closing the door’ into sales.

If your business deals with customers on a day to day basis, of course, you will face a consistent issues. Building a chatbot is a good way to fulfill all customer’s issues. It will provide information to the customer faster and more efficiently than physically customer services. Chatbot also brings a good opportunity for your business especially for ecommerce business to personalize recommendations for consumers based on the history from the chats.

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But, data is the key. If you want a bot to learn and develop, you have to feed them with data. It’s such an example of customer requests and corresponding the right answer by the research you‘ve done.

That’s why chatbots are really effective tools for e-commerce companies nowadays. It was proved that chatbots are effective for both, marketing and sales. It’s important for an e-commerce company to heavily invest in it.

If you have to build a great chatbot, your eCommerce business could have a great relationship with your customers 24/7. You will build a better conversation with your customers, and help you increase sell your products. Think about it, right now. You have to be adaptive with the advantages of technologies nowadays.

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