Take Your Product Shot Goes to Upper Level

When consumers view a product page, they are looking for proof of quality and value. That quote always be our reminder to increase the steps your brand could be possible doing. After having a very hard preparation of your product photo shoot, now it’s time for you to step next stairs. If your product is your model, it’s now all about the poses. Having basic poses is easy, but how to make our product looks unique and extraordinary? Some photographer played around with breaking some of rules that usually used.

Get ready to step out the box. Because now Dropicts as a professional image or photo retouching services will share to you 4 tips you can do for your product poses and shots. Let’s get to the list!

1. Hang in The Air

Hang your product in some unusual place. Hang it upside down, sideways, or in an unusual location to get the uncommon hanging product photo. For example, hang your socks with clothes hanger or hang your clothes in the tree. Get your hanger go out from the closet and let it be free or collaborate your product with some ropes or wires.

2. Get Your Extreme Shot!

Macro shot is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms. This type of technique is usually used to capture things like insect etc. But, this technique is available for you for capturing product. For food photograph, it would show some tempting vibe and causes hunger pangs.

For fashion photograph, it could be so great to expose the detail of product, such as fiber of the fabric, sewing detail or some artificial beauty. But it’s a lil bit tricky. Make sure you’re having good lighting, good fashion model photoshot to get a better shot.

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3. Get Your Products Weird

“Wait? What?”. That’s what on your mind, right? Yes, show your product in weird use. Combine it with something unbox but related. For example, if your product are toys, put a “dad” as the model. Let him play the toys to define the longlasting love between boys and toys. It’s easy but not that easy, right?.

4. Make Your Product Alive!

Humanize products in your photography or you can create a story that could be selling your product more attractive. Give it character, make your products different from other competitor. For example, if your product is bag, define it as human to make your product close to their audience. It’s easier for them to choose the product based on their personality. Use your photos to portray this aspect of the product for which the brand is known.Easy? Yes like it looks. But its hard if you’re not going out from the box. Drowning your limit. Your limitless mind will guide you to make a creative-uncommon-extraordinary product shots. Make your brand different that its competitor. But remember, you got to put your mind back to the business after having a great crazy photoshoot instead.

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