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Jewelry maybe would ruin your day. Why? Because taking good quality picture of jewelry need more effort and not every photographer can do the correct technique. However, life also give us path to way out to help us to acquire dramatic result with minimal effort.
So, here we compile the tips you could do to help you capture a proper and good quality picture of jewelry.

1. Control Your Placement to Light

It would be more effective if you place your softens light close to the subject. There are times where it is ideal to have lights that allow you the flexibility to place them as close as possible to your subject. Be careful with the flash. You have probably already discovered that an on-camera flash does not lead to good jewelry photos. Camera’s flash that shine to bright will also create harsh and distracting shadows.

2. Be Friend with The Tripods

It is absolutely worth to use a tripod or similar camera support when shooting jewelry. They’ll make the object visually consistent. Maybe a sturdy tripod could be better than a flimsy one. But, still, any type of tripod could be so many times better than no tripod. Use a tripod for betterness.

3. Watch Out The Pearls

The reflections in a pearl can help adding dimension to the pearl but you will want to maintain control over, because the shadow will be reflected. So, pearls can be mirror like. The control of this is also depending on the light tent. Pearls will appear more dimensional if they are grounded by a soft shadow.

4. Try another position

We always try to capture the jewelry when in use. But sorry, we have another position to try. For example, put it down and snap it. Hang it on the rope, it should give you the aesthetic without model needed. You also could do experimental shoot, such us hanging your necklace to a tree branch, placing your ring to your cat tail, etc.

That is several photography tips on how to take a jewelry picture. Easy but not that easy, right? Be careful with every step you take for capturing a good picture of jewelry. Good luck for trying this jewelry photography tips and thank us later!

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