Removing Wrinkles on Image Editing Software

Simple Step for Removing Wrinkles on Image Editing Software

Naturally wrinkles is an effect of aging. It will show in your skin and face. But you can also fine it in your product photos. Especially an outfit photo, it will have a fine lines and also a rigid line. Removing wrinkles on someone’s face or on your apparel image can be very important. Sometimes when we do photoshoot, we can find any wrinkles on blemishes that disturb our image creating a lines or imagery that we don’t want in the photos, especially a fine lines of wrinkles. We have to reduce wrinkles in a more subtle manner, so we can create a perfect image without too much manipulation. it can be tricky, because you will work on skin texture, id it’s look to manipulated, your image will look bad. There is always a way to remove or reduce wrinkles from skin or product in your image or photos.

One, there are kinds of tools you can use on Adobe Photoshop or any image editing software that you use. One way, you can use a Stamp Tool, Healing Brush, Dust & Scratches image filter, etc. When you want to edit your image, especially when you want to reduce some of the wrinkles, or remove it, you have to use your tools very carefully, as it is easy to create a results of an elderly face that look too smooth. Be careful with the process. Everyone can do it if they practices enough.

You can use stamp tools for training on removing or reduce wrinkles or fine lines from the appearance of your image. It’s simple and easy, yet you must be really careful when you work on it. Especially when you are working in face and eyes area. it can create so many lines, a fine one.

By using stamp tool, you can effectively removing the shadow in the wrinkle and keeping the most of the texture by these following steps:

  1. Duplicate your background layer by using CTRL / CMD + J
  2. You have to make sure if you’re working on a layer with pixels (on your duplicate background layer)
  3. Choose Clone Stamp Tool
  4. Change the brush mode for the Clone Stamp to “Lighten”
  5. Sample an area near a wrinkle, and you can start reducing any wrinkles on your image by painting on it.

It looks better than before. You also can apply the steps to be used over many other imperfections on the skin such as a photoshoot blemishes, acne, etc.

Two, another way to do reduce wrinkles is by using another tools called Dust & Scratches Filter on Adobe Photoshop by following this simple steps

In the beginning, it would be difficult, but as long as you get used to using the Clone Stamp Tool, it will be fine! Trust us, you can make your photos free of wrinkles and look younger or create a smooth picture for your product, see the difference. But, if this works is too hard for you, and had no time to try, catch us at our email because Dropicts provide image retouching services and we will remove any wrinkles or blemishes on your image.

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