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If you own a shoe store, you should also sell it on E-commerce to increase sales. The advantage of having an online store is that you can reach consumers in any area. Considering that many competitors sell similar products, you have to make your shoes’ photography more attractive and tempting.

Stunning photos will spark consumer’s curiosity to browse your store collection. This will lead them to buy shoes in your store.

7 Shoe Photo Inspiration for Online Stores

Upload stunning shoe photos to promote your sale. Let’s follow this guide to photography ideas:

1. Collaboration with Models

In order to make consumers get a real picture, it’s best to use a model. If you have enough budget to work with a professional model, this will certainly be much better. However, if you still can’t afford the services of a professional model, you can use a newbie model.

It is best if the shoe product collection looks attached to the feet. Shoe product photos with models do not have to show the entire body because it is enough for the lower calf. Let the model take some poses, such as standing up straight, taking a step, and so on.

2. A Wide and Clean Background

Background plays an important role in supporting elegant and eye-catching shoe photography. Use a solid background color so it doesn’t distract the customer to see the details. As a result, the photo will also focus more on the shoes design.

Avoid using a background with lots of designs because it makes the photos look dull and less tidy. You can try to arrange a pair of shoes to get a good angle. For example, one shoe faces forward, and the other one is angled or sideways.

3. Crop Photos

After you’ve finished taking pictures of shoe products, don’t just upload them right away. You need to retouch it first, such as cropping a photo. However, you need to crop the photo with proper scale so it doesn’t reduce the quality of the photo. Hence, the image will not crack when the consumers zoom it in.

4. Take from Various Angles

An important point that you have to keep in mind when photographing shoes for online stores is to take pictures from many angles. This allows consumers to know more details about each part of the shoe.

Photos that present various angles will be very helpful in convincing consumers to buy these shoes. This will also allow your store to be flooded with orders.

5. Avoid Using Direct Lighting

Lighting greatly determines the quality of the photo. Avoid using direct lighting because it is too bright and it will bring out silhouettes. Unwanted light reflections will reduce the beauty of the photo. You can take advantage of sunlight or natural light.

However, if the weather conditions don’t support it, you can rely on the lightbox. The lighting from this lightbox is quite satisfying and you can make it as an alternative because it’s effective.

6. Lifestyle Photos by Type of Shoes

Considering that shoes consist of various types and are used for different events, it is important to create the appropriate shoe photography concept. For example, if you sell loafers, you can bring a photo concept of office employees wearing these shoes.

You only need to display the knee down which shows typical office pants and loafers. Another example as if you sell sports shoes, you can take pictures of people wearing shoes while stepping on a ball or using a basketball outfit.

7. Flat Lay Angle Photography

Bringing the concept of flat lay can also be interesting for you to consider. To get an appealing photo result, coat the surface of the table using a suitable background color. Next, arrange the shoes to get a perfect and proportional arrangement. For better aesthetic effect, take a photo from above.

Pro Tips for Photography for E-commerce

After knowing some photo ideas for E-commerce posts, you also need to know some of the following helpful tips:

A. Determine Photo Context

You need to think about the context of the photo before taking a photo shoot. The purpose is for the photo to portray the information perfectly. To support this, of course you need to prepare supporting properties. If you already know the concept of the photo you want to make from the start, then the execution process will be much easier.

B. White background

In order for the shoes to be seen clearly and in focus, it is best to use a white background. The white color allows the photo object to get good lighting because it can spread the light evenly. In addition, the white background is also neutral, so it is suitable for all types of shoe colors.

C. Explore Your Creativity

When it comes to photography, you don’t just point the camera to shoot objects, but it needs a collaborative creativity. Play your creativity in arranging objects, setting backgrounds, adjusting lighting, and other important elements of photography.

Have You got a Clear Understanding of Shoe Photography?

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  • Why do I need to take good pictures for Ecommerce?
    In order for the product to look more tempting so as to intrigue consumers to buy.
  • What are the shoe photography ideas?
    • Collaboration with models
    • A wide and clean background
    • Crop photos
    • Take from various angles
    • Avoid using direct lighting
    • Lifestyle photos by type of shoes
    • Flat lay angle photography
  • What are the key points of taking photos for e-commerce?
    • Determine photo context
    • White background
    • Explore your creativity
  • How to create professional and appealing e-commerce uploads?
    Just use Dropicts services because they are ready to serve your requests professionally. Apart from that, Dropicts will change your photos to look extraordinary and not dull.

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