Images that have a transparent or white background will be easier to use in various ways, one of which is to display a product. Of course, the best way to get an image like this is to take it directly against a white background.

But sometimes there are obstacles that make you unable to do it, and you have to take photos with a makeshift background. Therefore, a post-production process will be needed that can help you to remove the background of a photo. Namely Product Background Removal Service.

Why Do You Need Our Background Removal Services?

Background removal is a process of isolating the subject of a photo or image and wiping the rest of the image clean. Creating a cleaner and simpler look. Making the subject of the image more stand-out. In eCommerce, background removal services are commonly used. Product photos with white backgrounds have become the industry norm, and many popular online marketplaces require white backgrounds. Not only white but any single color background and even a transparent one.

When To Use Background Removal Service?

There are so many times when you need this image background removal services for your product image, mainly for this reason below:
• To comply with the requirements of online marketplaces.
• A distracting background that takes focus away from the subject of the image.
• Showcasing the details of your product.
• Create a uniform background on multiple images, such as a product catalog or e-commerce store.

Let Profesional Image Background Removal Services Help You

Of course, you can do it by yourself using magic eraser tool or clipping path in photo editing software. But background removal is a tedious and time-consuming process, let Dropicts handle it for you. This is the most fundamental task for most product image editing services and might be the simplest one yet. However, creating high-quality background removal services also requires specific skills, precision, and time. Dropicts make sure to delivers only the most impeccable quality with our professional photo background removal services.

What Do You Need To Do?

For this background removal service, you just need to follow this step below, and your images will be ready.

our work

Before Image After Image
Before Image After Image

Quality and consistency matter a lot in image editing service, so just leave it with us. And try our other services, like ghost mannequin,
color correction, and retouching. Dropicts, your professional photo editing services.

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