DIY Resizing Image in Your Post-production

DIY Resizing Image in Your Post-production

When you faced with conditions like you want to take two or three images but you don’t have all the product types and unfortunately, you only have one product to shoot, you shouldn’t ever crop it. You may resize this in post-production so it can be used in advertising. Otherwise, you can use professional photo editing services to optimize and resize images simply. But, don’t worry, if you do have time you may try DIY resizing images in post-production yourself.

Guide To Resize Photos By Yourself

If you sell a lot of stuff with identical colors, you can avoid shooting individual items. After you take your image, you may edit it with your favorite image resizer tool on your device or computer. Let say that you already set and prepare to edit this, but it more easily if you use something like photoshop. We will guide you on how to change the margin and duplicate your image to show different product sizes on your computer.


Make Your Sizing Border

Make a line as border limit.

Number one tips for creating a resized image, when you resize an image, you must set the bottom sizing border with a line for your product. Give a little percentage of the space under the bottom line at least 10%. Set the largest border upper your screen as a top border. Then set a medium border below the top border. Last, set the smallest border under a medium border. Make sure to give the same space between the borderline. To ease your way when you change the size of the image. Or you can use a permanent aspect ratio in pixel dimensions that you always use.

You absolutely don’t want the customer to think they order a large product even it small. If the product noticed as small, the customer may not mislead. But if you just set a photo to your site without using this size border, the customer may confuse whether is small or big. Image resizing is an important thing you have to know, so you are not only playing with the pixels.

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Edit Your Photo Matching The Sizing Border

Adjust your product pictures according to the borderline.

After you’ve set the borderline, now you can adjust your product through the border. Because all the images in the same category, you should make consistency and standard differ from each other. The first step, put your image at the top border to make a large product. Second, try to duplicate it and change the size till the medium border. Now, you have two products of different sizes. Do the same step to the smallest version of the product. Remember, when reducing the size try to keep side size maintained. And make sure your photo is in the highest resolution, so the image quality will not break when you resize the image. Also, use raster images for better quality. Always check the width and height after resize.


Save and use

The final result from resizing image.

After you’ve done it, you can save the resized products picture individually you can save it in any kind of image file type or format you want like jpg, png, or any kind you want. The file size will be shrunk too. Now, you’re ready to post your image to your site or even to social media. You can use this simple thing to make another different image without wasting time shooting it manually. Using resized images will make costumer easier to know what product size that they look at. So, it’s up to you. If you have free time to do this kind of image resize job, why not. Meanwhile, if you don’t the capability to do this, you can use a third-party free online tool of online images resizer web on the internet. But with an online image resizer, you can’t get a good quality product image. So you better give this to the expert like Dropicts. And see the difference it makes.

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