Removing Image Background with Photoshop and Other Tools

Does Removing Image Background a Hard Task?

In photo editing, an image with a transparent background is much easier to work with, especially if you’re going to use the images for commercial purposes. Take product images as an example. In doing so, you have to try removing the image background by using Photoshop. Don’t be intimidated by it, there are several ways you can do for removing image background using Photoshop. Here are the steps.

Why I Should Remove Background of my Image?

As has been mentioned before, there are lots of commercial reasons to remove the background of your image. Transparent or white background can help your to edit your product better, especially if you are looking to create product catalogues. By removing the original background of an image, you can also build and apply your own customized background.

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How To Remove Image Backgrounds

Even if you are new to the photo editing world, creating transparent background instantly is really easy. You have the option to use both offline and online tools to remove image background. Some online tools can even help you removing backgrounds automatically. This is due to the advanced computer vision algorithms in the last decade.

Here are some of the tools and methods that you can use to remove background of your image:

Creating Transparent Background With Photoshop

1. Using Polygonal Lasso Tool

Photoshop is perhaps the most known photo editor. It has all the design tools you need, in this a background remover.

To remove make your image background transparent, you can use polygonal lasso tool. Lasso tool can help you to remove image background easily, especially if your object have rectangular or triangle shape. Let’s start with opening up your image file in Photoshop. Then, move your cursor to the top menu “Layer” and select Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object from the drop-down menu.

Repeat the step to rasterize the image by simple clicking on the “Layer” menu and select Rasterize > Smart Object. The next step begins by selecting the Polygonal Lasso Tool from the left toolbar. Once you’ve selected it, your cursor will change its icon. You can begin by clicking on the starting point of the object that you want to keep in the image. Trace the object carefully until you’ve reached the starting point.

After you’re finished with selecting the object, click “Select” from the upper menu and select Inverse. Now, you will see that the whole image background is selected. Simply click Delete on your keyboard and you have successfully removed the original background of your image.

2. Using Magic Eraser Tool

The next method that you can use for removing the image background is the Magic Eraser Tool. It’s actually much easier with this tool, though there are certain drawbacks from using it. Open your image file in Photoshop and immediately unlock the layer in the right panel. Don’t forget to duplicate the layer so you can start over if you make any mistake.

Now, it’s time for the Magic Eraser Tool. Select an eraser icon on the left toolbar and you’ll see three options, one of which is the Magic Eraser Tool. On the upper menu, you’ll see the adjustments for the Magic Eraser Tool. You can play with it to your liking, but as guidance, you can start by changing the Tolerance level 30, check the Anti-alias, and Opacity 100%.

Once it’s done, just click the cursor on the image background that you wish to remove. Like magic, your whole image background will disappear. Click the “Image” menu and select Trim. Pick the “Based On: Transparent Pixels” and select OK.

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3. Using Quick Selection Tool

What if your object is not straight-edged and rather curvy? Say, you want to try removing the image background with a model in the image. Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool would take too much time. The best option for you is the Quick Selection Tool. Let’s repeat the first two steps from the Polygonal Lasso Tool (turn the image into a Smart Object and Rasterize it).

Afterwards, select the Quick Selection Tool on the left toolbar. You can click straight on the image background that you wish to remove. Adjust the Quick Selection Tool size to ensure that the tool selects all of your image background. If you see that the tool has selected an area that you don’t want to be removed, click the Subtract from Selection button on the upper menu and position your cursor on the inner part of the area that you want to keep. Once it’s done, just click Delete on your keyboard and your image will be ready for use.

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Using Removal.AI

Removal.AI is an artificial intelligence powered background removal apps. It has an API Support that allows you to use the apps on your website or desktop version for personal use. It is the best app to automatically remove background in just a few seconds.

Just drag-and-drop or upload image, start removing background automatically, and download the result.

See? Removing image background is not as hard as many people think, although at first it will be tricky to seamlessly remove the image background. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be done in no time.

Those are some ways you can do to remove the image background. With the remove background tool, you can remove the background in minutes. In fact, if you use an artificial intelligence application, you will be able to remove the background automatically. Some apps also make editing easier by saving settings for future images edits.

Removing the background can help you make better product photos. You will be able to more freely edit images if your image does not have a background. It is not impossible that you will see quality improvements after using an image that does not have a background as your product photo.

If you wish to remove image background for commercial use, then you need professional and experienced product image editing services from Dropicts.

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