How to Remove Background Product Photography

How to Remove Background Product Photography

When it comes to running an online store, visualization is the key to attract potential customers as they tend to purchase goods or services with appealing product photos. The images must be clear and focused without any unnecessary distractions, including backgrounds. Simple plain white backgrounds are highly recommended as these can boost the overall appearance of your product photos and help viewers stick their eyes on the products only. But what happens if you don’t use white background but want to have a transparent background for your image? You can try remove background product photography.

Remove Backgrounds from Your Product Images

Step up your game and business by mastering the techniques behind product background removal! Check out these several easy-to-use tools to get rid of or remove the background from your product images at post-production that you can try at home, and applying any kind of background color in your product photography.

Adobe Photoshop

Of course, you cannot talk about photo editing without Adobe Photoshop and all of its features! This multifunctional editing software has been around and getting the job done since 1990. It can sharpen the colors of your pictures, crop them, and surely do some backgrounds removal for product photos. One of the best photo editor out there.

There are two Adobe Photoshop tools that every user has to master to take off any image background, namely the Magic Wand and Pen Tool. The Magic Wand allows you to control the outline selection for the edges of the products, while the Pen will outlines the products’ curvy and rounded edges (if any). It takes a steady hand to carefully outline the edges, so make sure your hands are steady enough during the whole process.

For newbies, it will not be easy. But, after many trials and errors, doing product background image removal should take no time at all.

Initially released in 2004, this free software for photo editing is only available for Windows. Similar to Adobe Photoshop, also has various editing tools including one for background removal.

You have to rely on Magic Wand to do the job. With this tool, click anywhere on the background of the picture. Within seconds, the selection indicator will pop up and outline the product. If the Magic Wand accidentally selects some parts of your product, you have to adjust the tolerance until nothing is selected but the background. Then, delete the background.

To ensure all the product’s edges are nicely trimmed, zoom in on the edges to find any leftover traces of the prior background. When you do, use the Eraser tool to smooth the edges. Lastly, save the file in a .PNG format.

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Online Web Browser Image Background Remover Tool

You can also use this web browser background remover tool service, but since the quality of the work cannot be trusted, you need to think a lot before using this artificial intelligence type of service. But if you need a fast way to remove backgrounds from the image, you can pay for these services. Just upload images to their website and wait for the process for removing the image background.

Besides all of these tools, you can let the professionals do it for you, maybe you can try Dropicts.


This one is not a tool, but a photo and image editing services. Dropicts has served at least 108 clients from all over the world with its impeccable photo editing services. In terms of its product image editing services, it offers many different high-quality services, such as Ghost Mannequin Services, Background Removal services, Color Correction Services, Retouching, and Customize. Let’s talk about Background Removal to give you a better idea of how it works.

Dropicts delivers very meticulous product image and background removal service for your product photos, leaving you with nothing but the sole images of the products standing against a clear white backdrop. No rough edges or any other visible traces of the previous background. If you zoom in on the image on our website, specifically on the Background Removal section, it will show a bottle of perfume where you can see it is perfectly clean cut. We do everything with a passion.

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How it Works?

Dropicts also makes things even easier for you. As a customer, just send us your raw images that you wish to be edited and their talented editors will do all the work for you at an affordable price rate. You can focus on other things while waiting for the result. You can even try it for free! Get your first picture edited at no cost so you can tell the quality yourself. Experience this high quality removing the background service by yourself.

So, those are easy ways to remove the background from your product image. If you feel like doing it for your product image by yourself, feel free to give Adobe software or a try. If you want to have it done in a snap without breaking a sweat, Dropicts will suit your needs and give you professionally polished photos for your business needs. Perfect your product images and business with product backgrounds removal from Dropicts now!

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