Reflections on Product Photography: BIG NO!

Photographers will face many challenges while photographing highly-reflective products that have glass, gems and metals material. When the light hit the objects, it will bounce off the reflective surface at the exactly same angle, because they don’t absorb light. That is not what we expect if we are selling products online.

But, don’t worry. All roads lead to Rome! There are so many simple ways that you can use to create a perfect photo from reflective product. But don’t worry, there are so many simple ways that you can do when you have to shoot a reflective product.

We recommend using a tripod. It is the best choice when you capturing reflective objects. It will help you to get the sharpest possible images. Besides, don’t forget to use your diffuser. It will reduce the light on your product. Switch your camera into manual mode, and find the right aperture and ISO in every image you want to take.

Mostly ecommerce product photo is using plain white background. If you want to shoot your product straight on, you can pointed another lighting source at the area behind your object. A Flash is recommended one, as it will deliver a high strength burst of light. But if you are using different color, make sure the object is further away from the background as some of the light reflecting from it could tint the object.

Maybe you will spots a smudges, fingerprints, dust or even those reflections on your photo, clean it up in post-production processing. You can use healing and cloning tools to eliminate all those imperfections. Don’t forget about the background, make sure it have plain and clean white background. Adjust the color a little bit, to make your product looks stunning.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with a lot of highly-reflective product photo that you take, you should try a services from Image Editing Provider like Dropicts. Our Professionals Image Editor will happily help you enhancing your product photo. You just need to be focused mastering on photographing highly-reflective object. Let us do the post-production process.

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