How to Use Red Eye Correction Tool in Lightroom

red eye correction

Photographing faces with sharp images are a special criteria that must be met by photographers. But what if it turns out that there is a red dot in the eye that can actually be caught on camera? You can use the Red Eye Correction tool which is available in Lightroom. Here’s a full explanation!

How To Remove Red Eye Effect With Photos App?

Red eyes usually appear when you are taking picture in low light environment. This effect can makes you picture looks bad.

Thankfullu, there are lots of red eye remover that you can use. You can even find red eye removal online and easily remove red eyes with just a few clicks.

However, to get a better result, you need to have a proper photo editor to fix red eye. One software you can use is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the products from Adobe that is very helpful for photographers who want to get maximum photos. If you really want to remove the red dot in the eye, try following the step by step below.

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 1. Select Photo in Lightroom

The first step is to select the photo you want to edit. To make the editing process easier, you have to go to the Develop module.

Then click the 1:1 or 2:1 option in the Navigator panel to zoom in. If you need a bigger zoom in, just choose the 2:1 option.

Focus the zoom on the red eye of the model in the photo. Now it’s time to move on to the next step.

2. Select the Red Eye Correction Tool

As explained, Lightroom already has the Red Eye Correction tool in the Develop panel. Its position is on the right side of your screen.

Click Red Eye or Pet Eye according to your needs. Red Eye is used to remove the red color that appears in the eyes of the model in the photo because the camera flash is off. While Pet Eye is useful for removing the yellow or green color that usually appears in animal photos.

3. Drag Over the Eye Area

After selecting Red Eye, position the cursor in the center of one of the eyes. Click and drag out until the circle on the screen is able to encircle the entire eye. If so, release the cursor immediately.

4. Adjust Edited Area

Then it’s time for you to click and drag the four edges from each end of the circle to position the correction area properly. Of course, this step does not need to be done if step number 3 has been able to cover the entire eye area perfectly.

You fine-tune the pupil size or the darkness of the eye by using the sliders in the Red Eye Correction panel on the right. Arrange in such a way as to get the most appropriate editing.

5. Do the Same Thing in the Other Eye

You have finished editing in one eyeball. Now you can do the same with the other eye. The steps can follow from numbers 3 and 4. Make the right corrections so that the left and right eyes get the same results.

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6. Do a Review

Now you can review the editing using the Red Eye Correction tool in Lightroom. To see the photo as a whole without any zoom effect, click Fit or Fill in the Navigator section. If it’s OK, click Done at the bottom of the screen.

Those are the steps to do red eye correction using Adobe Lightroom. The red eye effect appears when you take pictures in low light environments. This one effect can make your picture, especially portrait photo, looks bad. To get rid of it, you can follow the steps above very easily.

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