Product Photo Tips to Make it Look Aesthetic and Charming

You may already be aware that one of the marketing strategies that you must be aware of when running an online business is the appearance of an influential product photo in order to captivate consumers. Then, product photos must be displayed properly and attractively. The recent trend of product photos that seem aesthetically pleasing can display more attractive photos.

One of the marketing strategies that you need to master is aesthetic product photos. Because product photos are very influential to captivate consumers. This time DROPICTS will tell you tips to make your product photos look aesthetic and attract consumers buying interest!

1. Don’t have a camera? Don’t worry, you can use HP too!

Good photos can indeed be obtained with a qualified camera. However, if you don’t have one, you can also use a smartphone. Because now there are many Smartphones equipped with quality cameras so you can rely on them to take clear and sharp product photos. How do you do it? The trick is to set the camera’s focus so that it is centered on the object or product being photographed. If you want to get the best image quality, you can take advantage of the manual mode on your smartphone to set the right ISO, white balance, and exposure as you like.

2. Make sure the light source is good.

Without a good light source, no matter how good the subject and location of the photo are, the results will be less than optimal. You can take advantage of the sun’s light source, or if the sun’s light is not supportive, you can use a ring light as a lighting source. The function of this ring light is to add lighting to the camera object to make it more balanced so that the photos are clearer and the details are visible.

3. Take Photos from Various Angles.

Next, make your photos with various shooting angles. The angle of the photo will greatly affect product photos in the eyes of consumers. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong if you experiment with taking photos from various angles to get the best shots. Even so, you still have to adjust the right photo-taking technique because each product can be different. For example, in food products, it would be better to take it from a flat lay. You can arrange the product in the package or display it on a plate. Also, take multiple shots from the front, side, and back. So, when displayed in your online store, consumers can be more interested in looking around until they fall in love and want to buy.

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4. Use White Cardboard as a Background.

So that product photos can be seen more clearly, make sure you use a white background because white is a neutral color. In addition, using a white background makes the product look cleaner, eliminates photo distractions, keeps the photo size from being too large, and makes photos easier to edit. This white background can be made using white cardboard, which is more affordable and can be found anywhere.

5. Use a Tripod for Consistent Results.

A tripod is one of the accessories that are quite important in the shooting process because it can help take better and more stable pictures. To get the best and most consistent photos, you can work around this by using a tripod when taking pictures. By using a tripod, your photo process will be easier and faster because the camera lens is really in the best position to shoot objects. How to use a tripod is quite easy because you only need to adjust the length of the legs, then place it on a suitable surface, so that the shooting activity becomes more comfortable and the photos are not blurry.

6. Edit photos before uploading them on your eCommerce.

After taking a product photo, you can edit the photo, such as by adjusting the brightness, contrast, shadows, saturation, and sharpness of the photo. Avoid using filters and oversaturation so that photos are more natural. With good product photos, sellers can maximize their sales in e-commerce. Usually, to get maximum editing results, you can edit photos using color correction or retouching techniques, but to save time and money, you need the best photo editing services. At DROPICTS, you can order photo editing services according to what you need.
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