Things to Consider before Choosing The Best Photo Editing Service

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The use of photo editing services in your business will be very beneficial. A third party agency will help you to make your photos more professional and cut the working time.

How do you choose the best agency for photo editor service? This article brings you a wider picture before choosing professional photo editor agencies. Here are some tips for choosing a photo editing service that can help your business grow.

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Photo Editor Service

Starting from the agency’s expertise to your company’s budget, here are 10 things to consider before choosing a photo editor service.

1. Area of Expertise

The first thing you should make up your mind before choosing the right photo editor service is the area of expertise. The area of expertise will affect the final result of your work.

You should consider the area of expertise and make sure that it’s aligned with your business. For instance, if you need an agency for product photography or e-commerce product photos, you can choose agencies that have specialties in background removal, colour correction, retouching, photo restoration, and others.

Therefore, before choosing the agencies, you should determine the result you need and look for the agencies that already have the expertise.

2. Editing Compatibility

Second, make sure that you take a look at the editing compatibility of the agencies. This includes the device, the software, and the in-house production service. If you are expecting a high-quality result, choose an agency that has already used top-of-line technologies or recent editing software.

Here are several editing software you need to know before discussing with your agencies:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Capture One
  • Skylum
  • DxO
  • CyberLink
  • Corel, and others

3. Solid Structure Company or Reputation

Apart from the competencies and technical support, choose a well-structured editing agency. This shows how long they have been working in the industry and how far they’ve experienced in this core business.

Looking at the company’s reputation is not only the surface structure, but can also be seen from the company’s age. If you are looking for a great photo editing service, choose an older company that is able to tackle the challenges in the market.

4. Clear Workflow

Another important thing to consider before choosing a photo editor service is the clear workflow or the service level agreement. A clear response time from the agency is important to keep your business running on time.

The right editing service company will set a clear timeline for their clients before accepting the projects. Other than that, they know their business capacity, whether there’s another project to handle or not.

As a client, you should make the timeline clear from the beginning. Make sure you are also updated with the progress. Another thing you should notice is the turnaround time if there’s any revision to the result. Find an outsource editing service that has a good work ethic and clear communication with their clients.

5. Customer Feedback

Before beginning the project, a photo editing service may tout all of its advantages, but customer testimonials cannot be manipulated. Therefore, you should also look at other clients’ satisfaction after using the agency’s service.

Customer reviews help you to understand the service quality, the company’s work ethic, and the service’s quality. Find the testimonials from the company’s website, social media, or even from Google Maps reviews.

6. Payment Options

Next, payment options from the agency are essential. Even some of you may think that it is not necessary, but different payment options will give you more convenience.

Another payment option you should consider is the service rate. Make sure they discuss the clear payment of whether you should pay per hour, per photo rate, or per project. If you have a lot of pictures for your e-commerce business, it’s recommended to pay as per project so you can work together in the long run.

7. Security

When it comes to your business needs, before choosing the right outsourcing photo editor agencies, take an in-depth look at security. Since you are using a third party, the security of sharing your data is highly important.

Make sure that your photo editor agency is able to sign the non-disclosure agreement which can help you to secure your data. Consider not only the agreement to keep the data private, but also third-party agencies that use secure cloud storage. This will help you restore the data if there’s any misplaced.

8. Trial Options

Never waste the trial options provided by the agencies. A strong firm agency will provide trial options for their clients. This is highly important, especially if you are going to collaborate on a long project.
Trying the trial options from the photo editor service will help you to see the capability and the outcome. Will the outcome be the same as your expectations?

9. Previous Portfolio

Not only seeing the outcomes from the trial options, you can also check the previous portfolio. Look for a company that has posted their work on their official website so that you can see their expertise and capabilities.

Other than from the company’s website, you can also contact their previous clients to see whether they are satisfied with the result or not.

10. Your Company’s Budget

Above all these considerations, your company’s budget is very essential before choosing the agency. Surely, the budget is a concerning matter for a business. Find out a photo editor service that is able to give you a high-quality output at an affordable price.

Regarding the price, make sure that the price is clear between you and the agency. Is the price including the turnaround time? Is there any hidden costs from the agency?

Final Thoughts of Choosing Professional Photo Editor Services

There are several points you should consider before working with professional photo editor services. One high-quality output photo editor service is Dropicts, which is able to make your business easier.

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Their services are suitable for online retailers as well as large in-house post production. Leave your message now on their contacts.

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