Transforming Product Visuals for Increased Sales with Mirror Effect

Transforming Product Visuals for Increased Sales with Mirror Effect

The mirror effect is a widely employed image technique in promotion and sales. Many business owners utilize this effect to entice customers into purchasing their products. This article aims to explore the impact of the mirror effect on boosting sales. Let’s check it out!

What is the Mirror Effect?

The mirror effect is a photographic technique that creates the illusion of an object being reflected horizontally and vertically from the surrounding objects. Typically, this effect is achieved by capturing the object’s reflection on surfaces like water or mirrors that can reflect light.

In the past, people relied on mirrors or water to produce mirrored images of objects. However, with technological advancements, we can now digitally edit images to create mirror effects without the need for water or mirrors as mediums.

How Do Mirror Effect Pictures Boost Sales?

A picture with a mirrored effect is considered unique and rare, often capturing the attention of many viewers. For instance, an image of food presented on a pristine white plate, allowing for a reflection, is inherently more captivating than food on an ordinary plate without any reflection.

This is why a photo with a mirror effect can significantly enhance your sales. According to a study conducted by, pictures featuring a mirrored appearance can increase the conversion rate by up to 25%.

For those of you involved in retail or F&B businesses, incorporating the mirror-effect photo technique can make your product images more appealing and draw the interest of potential buyers. Consider applying this photo effect to some of your product images and observe the positive impact it can have on attracting customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mirror Effect

Each model or style of photography comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of the mirror effect.

The Advantages of The Mirror Effect

You can enjoy various mirror effect advantages, such as :

1. The mirror effect adds a subtle feel to product photos

Product photos that incorporate a reflection effect provide a subtle impression of the product, enhancing it’s precision and depth. The reflection conveys a sense of cleanliness and elegance, as if the photo was captured on a glossy surface.

This effect is particularly well-suited for food products, skincare items, jewelry, bags, women’s clothing, and various luxury goods. It creates the impression that your product is of the utmost sophistication and class.

2. Add a bit of extra effect for artistic purposes

One way to enhance visual interest in your photos is by creating a reflection or drop shadow effect directly below or to the side of your subject, especially when there is a reflective surface nearby. This technique adds a touch of drama and introduces balancing elements to the composition.

3. Reflection makes the portrait more attractive

The reflection effect can also greatly enhance the visual impact of portraits. It can create a magical effect in certain applications and a more romantic effect in others. Regardless of the specific outcome, when executed correctly, mirror effects for portraits can add significant value to a photograph.

The Disadvantages of The Mirror Effect

While the mirror effect has its advantages, it also comes with certain disadvantages. Here are several disadvantages of this effect.

1. Not all objects are suitable for the mirror effect

While the mirror effect can provide a unique impression to your photos, it may not be compatible with all objects. As a photographer or brand owner, it is important to carefully consider which of your products align well with this effect.

2. Requires a high level of expertise

Creating a reflection effect requires a high level of expertise in photography in order to produce high-quality photos.

3 Ways to Create Mirror Effect Images

You can create excellent reflection images using various techniques. Here are a few methods to consider:

1. Using the Manual Method

The manual method involves placing an object on a surface that reflects light, such as a mirror or water. The simplest approach is to use a mirror. However, even with this method, you will still need to edit the photos to align with your brand’s tone and voice.

2. Using Editing Software

There are various editing software programs available that can be used to create mirror-effect images, such as Photoshop. Alternatively, you can opt for user-friendly editing programs like Canva.

3. Using a Photo Editing Service

The easiest approach is to utilize a photo editing service. While there may be a cost associated with this method, it ensures a fail-safe process and yields high-quality images.

Such photo editing services often include features like photo color correction and photo retouching, making it even simpler to create extraordinary image reflections that match your brand’s tone and voice.

Tips to Find Reflection Image Editing Services

Are you looking for a reliable photo editing service but concerned about the possibility of receiving subpar results? Here are some helpful tips to guide you in finding the right service:

1. Check the portfolio

Every photographer and photo editing service usually has a portfolio that they can showcase to potential clients. You can request to see examples of their previous work in image reflection editing.

2. Check reviews

There are several platforms available where you can investigate the background of a service. You can verify if a service has ever delivered a poor performance to its clients or not. Online resources, such as Google Reviews or social media platforms, offer valuable insights that you can explore.

Interested In Trying Mirror Effect For Your Products?

That concludes the explanation of the mirror effect and various methods of its application. The most practical and straightforward approach is undoubtedly by utilizing a professional editing service.

Among the photo editing services available, Dropicts offers both photo color correction and photo retouching services that can help create impressive image reflections. Explore the best offers from Dropicts to enhance your product images with stunning reflections.


  • How to make a mirror effect on a picture? 

To achieve this effect in a photo, you can utilize editing software like Canva and Photoshop, capture the image manually, or opt for a photo editing service.

  • What objects can be used to create a reflection image?

You can use a mirror or take a photo above the water.

  • How many types of image reflections exist? 

There are two types of image reflection: regular reflection and irregular reflection.

  • Is reflection an illusion?

Yes, observing one’s reflection as it appears in a mirror, as depicted in the image of a couple, is also an illusion. In reality, there is no genuine secondary reflection, and all subsequent reflections are merely fictitious and unreal.

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