Tips For Your First Maternity Photography Session!

Tips For Your First Maternity Photography Session!

The best way to capture important moments in life is by taking photos. The easiest and most effective way to save precious beautiful memories for your little family. Especially the moment of waiting for the presence of a new member in the family, many people may not want to miss their little one in the womb. Of the many moments, maternity photography is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Tips for Maternity Photography Session

Currently, maternity photos can be a business field that has great opportunities. Therefore, many people also start from scratch by learning photography specifically for maternity. If you are one of them, the following tips can be a good reference for you.

1. Reach an Easy Location for Safety

Safety is first of all. Being a pregnant mother is not easy, because client safety is the main thing. On the other hand, pregnant women tend to tire easily and are sensitive, so it is important to know which is the best location that is safe and still beautiful.

You can choose a shooting location according to the concept the client wants, it can be in a studio outdoors. If the client chooses a concept that requires outdoor use, then ease of access and comfort of the place is a priority.

2. Beautiful Outfit Goes a Long Way

If the client wants to take beautiful maternity photography, you can also suggest the mother wear a dress. Make sure moms put on comfortable and beautiful clothes as part of the photo props.

Some outfits might produce a beautiful appearance when exposed to the wind, some others will help the client’s silhouette look stunning and aesthetically pleasing . Not only the appearances, but some photo concepts also require properties that can support the photo scene.

3. Longer Lens Might be Better

For a professional photo session preparation, you need to know what equipment suits best. This photography session will focus on the client only, so most of the photos will be focused on taking portraits.

However, more than that, there are times when the client wants the overall view of the photo. It would be better to use a lens with a wider range. Do not use a wide angle, because it will distort the photo from the client.

4. Knowing Best Lighting

Lighting is everything in photography. Therefore choosing the right lighting will greatly affect the results of a photo. For outdoor photos, it would be better to rely on photos with natural light. Where it must pay attention to the time of collection.

The final touch is adding photo editing to produce even more gorgeous maternity photos. As a photographer, editing has become a package, where mastery of this technique will have a big impact on the results of the photo.

But now you can also use photo editing services which will help make your maternity photos even more beautiful.

How to Pose for Maternity Photography?

One way to make a photo look good is by having a beautiful photo object. In photography, poses can have a lot of impact on the outcome of the photo itself. So, a photographer needs to be able to give instructions to clients to produce charming poses.

1. Shoot from the Side of the Client

This is a photo that focuses on the client and the content, it will look outstanding when you take a photo angle from the side.

It displays a charming side profile or silhouette that is on the subject of the photo. Taking pictures from the front will make the photo subject look basic and less aesthetic.

2. Interaction Could be the Best Way

If you can take advantage of the pairs of clients, then that’s good. You can count on the interaction between husband and wife which is natural, and simple, but has perfect chemistry. Framing small warm moments in a photograph is great. Inviting them to interact will be much better than any pose.

3. Soft and Tender Touch

One of the highlights of maternity photography is that there is one small touch that can change the whole feel of a photo. This touch will give a complete picture of how much love the two partners feel, which is manifested by tenderness.

This touch is like a mother’s touch on her womb, a father’s touch on his wife’s womb, touching the shoulder, or hugging. All these ‘touching things’ can represent all the feelings that prospective fathers and mothers feel.

4. Family Member Made Photos More Praiseworthy

Maternity photos don’t have to be about the couple, the presence of family members in one frame will give the impression of warmth.

In addition, more happiness is captured by the camera after the presence of the whole family. Father, mother, son, brother, and sister can give a photo display of complete happiness.

Ready to Make a Precious Maternity Photography?

If you want to create interesting and rare maternity photos, then there are many ways to make it happen. By having a broad understanding of maternity photos, knowing their needs, and adding edits, you can produce beautiful photos. To simplify the editing process, you can use Dropicts to produce professional maternity photos. Good luck!

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