Things to Help You Decide on Making a Photo Black And White or Color

making a photo black and white

The photo coloring always depends on the context that you want to put in the photo. Choosing between making a photo black and white or color can be pretty complicated. If you are struggling to decide, we have some tips for you below!

4 Points to Consider in Making a Photo Black and White or Color

Color in photography is not simply a color. Well, that sounds confusing. But we mean it. You may already have heard that every color symbolizes a meaning. It also means a lot in photography.

A colorful and monochrome photo will determine the message that you want to deliver. In addition, you must also combine it with the editing light, contrast, saturation, background, and others. See, it’s not simple, right? Instead, it’s very comprehensive.

Thus, in the following section, we’ll give you more insight into things you must consider between black-and-white and color photos. So, let’s explore it!

1. Consider the Lighting in Making a Black and White Photo

If you’ve been drawn into photographing for specific times, you may already realize how important the role of lighting is. You need to play with lighting and contrast to get the desired effects. Furthermore, contrast means the adjustment of texture, colors, highlights, and other elements.

Next, evaluate the light to determine the color saturation based on your imagination. It will allow you to change things like weather conditions or capture errors.

For instance, a black and white photo will enhance the contrast if you shoot it outdoors when the weather is sunny and bright. In comparison, the cloudy day allows you to play with gray nuance for a soft black and white.

2. Evaluate Coloring and Hues

Coloring is the most important compositional tool. Using a contrasting color will draw the lookers eye to the whole frame. But when the color is strange or has an imbalance of
unity, it is better to convert it to black and white. If the color lacks impact, the monochrome photo will make it more interesting.

Using coloring hues can be pretty distracting. For example, there is a flash bounce or red skin tones. As a result, it will make the shot look bad. Here you can switch to the
black-and-white photo that allows you to adjust the shades. You’ll easily tone down the blue light cast and any redness.

Hence, you should consider the combination of hues and coloring. You can edit it or retouch it to ensure the impact of the photo. However, if you are unfamiliar with editing, you can change it into a black-and-white photo.

3. Choose The Nuance that You Want to Deliver

In photography, black-and-white and color will completely change the context of the image. The black and white will predominantly relate to the past, and it has a timeless effect. It gives the nuance of melancholic, nostalgic, mysterious, etc. Thus, it’s usually used in architecture, image, portraiture, and documentary photography.

If you prefer the color photo, it’s ideal for emphasizing the subject. It can be anything, including a person, a flower, a piece of clothes, and others. Moreover, you can apply the emulsion and filter to give a creative touch by playing with the color effect and surface light.

It may be tricky since you need to be aware of your expectations in the photo and need editing skills. Try to use the image retouching service to level up the photos. The expert can also help you find better improvements to your photo.

4. Determine Between Making a Photo Black and White or a Color

Before shooting, some photographers will decide to initiate making a black-and-white photo or color. It can help you have a better vision and concept while taking a picture. So while roaming to take pictures, you can consider first what you want.

The choice between color and black and white is solely your choice. However, if you get used to the color photo, choosing black-and-white can help you to try a new thing and play
with the mood.

Get Prepared and Try Making a Photo Black and White Now!

Choosing between making a photo black and white or a color photo indeed can be confusing. Especially if you are a beginner in photography. Both photo effects give a different meaning to the picture. So rather than being in the middle of nowhere, there’s nothing wrong with getting a hand from experts.

Dropicts is one of recommended photo editing services that will do the job for you. The expert will ensure your photo will look flawless and surpass your expectations. So, if you
want to produce professional photos and want to get help from them, go check their website!


  • What’s good about making a photo black and white?
    A black-and-white photo is a good option if you want to make something mysterious and melancholy. Aside from that, it also gives a nostalgic and timeless effect.
  • Does the background matter in black-and-white photos?
    The photo background is vital in making black-and-white photos. It’s better not to wear too much color. So the shades will look better on camera and have a clean backdrop. You also need to remove some backgrounds if it is crowded. You can try to use the background removal service for fast results.
  • What do black and white photos make us feel?
    Making a black and white photo can give a natural emotion. It also forced us to focus on the image’s story without being distracted by the color. In addition, you may see a nostalgic feeling like what you see on TV in the past.
  • How can photo editing services help you?
    Photo editing service is a helpful service if you have no time for editing. Moreover, it also ensures the resulting quality is guaranteed. It is because the professionals with a high level of expertise are the ones who edit your photo.

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