Nowadays, everyone could a photographer. Some of us are gifted with good eyes to make them becoming the good ones. It’s all because of the perks of technology. Now we are provided by the wellness of magical that technology served. Taking incredible photos with phone is surprisingly very easy, as long as you follow some important guidelines. It’s about focus, exposure, composition and photo editing.But, how could us do mobile photograph if we’re a beginner?

So, here’s Dropicts compile 4 simple tips that you can do if you wanna do mobile photograph. Just read it out and thank us later!

1. Keep Your Lens Clean

Our phone is not that clean. That’s what we have to keep on our mind. We keep it in pocket, bag and also in our hand. And the result is, they’re getting dirty, full of dust, grease or maybe fingerprints. This things are also possible to bring effect to the quality of our lens. Dirty lens will block light from entering the camera sensor that will decrease the sharpen and clearness of our photo result. Dirty lens also makes the photo blur, because it’s hard to point the focus. So, keep your lens clean. Put the clean lens cleansing tools in our bag to be prepared whenever you get the moment.

2. Big No for The Zoom

Unfortunately, our phone is only providing a digital zoom, not an optical zoom. In result, we’ll find that the image quality is decreasing and loss the more you zoom in. If you want to take a picture of a very far away subject, don’t count it to your zoom. Use your feet to walk closer and capture it with a normal setup. REMEMBER, the best zoom is our own feet and step. You’ll end up with a far better quality shot.

3. Apply The Rule of Thirds

After dealing about the hardware, lighting and focus, now it’s time to give your picture good composition. The rule of thirds is one of the most useful composition techniques in photography. It’s an important concept to learn as it can be used in all types of photography to produce images which are more engaging and better balanced. This method is using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, as shown below. You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they meet.

4. Take Multiple Shots

Well, we’re still a human, we made mistake, even when we think we’re right enough. It’s also happening to photography activities. Some of us are thinking that our shot is good enough, but when we see it again after photoshoot, it’s not good enough. So, take shots from various angles and distances. It’ll make your photoshoot goes safe!

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