Make Your E-commerce Store Stands Out with Invisible Mannequin Photography

Make Your E-commerce Store Stands Out with Invisible Mannequin Photography

Are you running an e-commerce store and struggling to get a model for your products? Don’t worry! Your photo product can still stand out among the digital crowds using invisible mannequin photography.

Invisible mannequins give your photo a 3-dimension, just like you using accurate models. In this article, you will discover why the invisible mannequin effect can upgrade your e-commerce products and how to do it.

What is the Invisible Mannequin Photography?

The Invisible Mannequin Photography is intended to create a product-focused and realistic image. This post-production process combines multiple photos taken on a mannequin or model to make it appear as though an invisible person or spirit is wearing clothing.

To look realistic, you need to combine multiple shots of the clothing in post-production. For most garments, it takes one photo of the garment on the mannequin and one photo from the back to create a perfect invisible mannequin shot.

How to Use the Invisible Mannequin Photography to Boost Your Ecommerce Success?

Presenting clothing in mockups is the best way to help your customers make an informed purchasing decision. However, it requires booking a model and hiring a stylist and make-up artist. This method can lead to severely underperforming studios and eating up large chunks of your budgets. This is where the invisible mannequin comes as the best alternative to cut expenses yet still displaying high-quality product photos.

Invisible mannequin photography is an inexpensive and popular way to showcase clothing online. And even if it takes a bit longer to prepare, the result is a huge conversion rate boost.

Required Equipments for Invisible Mannequin Photography

To create invisible mannequin photos, here is the list of equipment you will need.

  • Camera

We recommend using modern cameras for consistent, professional results.

  • Studio Lighting

It is recommended to combine flash and LED panels for ideal exposure, shadows, and contrast from all angles.

  • Modular Mannequin

Invisible mannequins come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, so choose the one that best suits your clothing style and cut.

  • Clothing for photo shoots

Usually, most brands and retailers use the ghost mannequin effect for essential fashion products.

  • Styling Tools and Accessories

Finally, no setup is complete without styling tools and accessories like clips and pins.

How to Do Invisible Mannequin Photography?

If you’re used to shooting in a studio, you’ll only need to adjust your workflow slightly. Starting from scratch can take a little while, but these steps will help you get started easier.

Step 1: Choose the right mannequin type

The best way to capture the basic photos needed for the Invisible mannequin effect is with a high-quality mannequin. This ensures shot consistency and makes creating all the photos you need easier and faster.

We recommend wearing the same size that matches your mannequin size and that as closely as possible. Too big or too small will give an unattractive result.

Step 2: Set Up Your Studio

There are great tutorials out there to help you set up your studio, but make sure you cover the basics, such as:

  • Evenly white background
  • Uniform lighting
  • High-resolution camera mounted on a tripod
  • A large foam board for photographing the interior of the product
  • Permanent location for the mannequin, at least 1.50 m from the background

Step 3: Product Shooting

Consistency is key. Your lighting should be the same for every shot, including the camera angles and distances, even if the shoot lasts for several days.

After dressing the mannequin, spend some time styling the product. A clip on the back helps to fine tune the fit of the product. Of course, many things can be fixed when editing an image, but avoiding large creases, folds, and scratches will speed up the overall process.

A common mistake to avoid when photographing products with sleeves is to force the product position just to make the sleeves visible yet it comes out as an unbalanced setting. Instead, let the sleeves drape naturally to the side as much as possible.

For best results, place the camera at chest level when capturing the upper body. Hip height is recommended for the bottom part.

To create the perfect invisible mannequin shot, take a picture of both the front and back of the product on the mannequin. To make it more detailed, you can also do with inside view, also a photo of the front and back of the foam board.

Make Your Invisible Mannequin Photography Right Now!

The Invisible mannequin is an effective technique especially for clothing photography. However, with all the preparation and post-production process, it can take quite a long time. That is why Dropicts comes with a ghost mannequin service to help e-commerce owners to elevate the product photos quality. The professional team of Dropicts also provides you with photo editing services and photo retouching services to make sure you get all your photography needs covered.


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