Product Photo Editing: In-House Versus Outsourced

in house vs outsourced

For those of you who have an e-commerce business, make sure to upload high-quality product photos that look professional. To get these quality photos, you can choose in-house or outsourcing services.

In order to make you able to make the right decision, you should first understand about what is in-house or outsourcing.

Definition of In-House Product Photography

In-house product photography is a term for an organization that has a professional photography team and is ready to take photos for your e-commerce products.

This photography team is not only responsible for taking photos but will also edit them until the final result. They will complete these responsibilities according to the specified deadline.

As for those who are part of in-house product photography, namely photographers, assistants, studio managers, art directors, editors, and many other support teams. In other words,
a team of photographers is full-time employees who will work for the organization using the available resources.

Definition of Outsourcing Product Photography

If in-house is a full-time employee, then outsourced product photography is a freelancer or contract employee. They also have professional qualities and will carry out their responsibilities according to the contractual agreement.

In-house vs outsourced product photography has the same responsibilities. The difference is outsourced work is done individually, while in-house is an independent organization.

If using outsourced product photography, you will have less control. However, many recommend choosing outsourced product photography if you are just starting an e-commerce business since it is usually so much cheaper.

Things to Consider Using In-House

Below are the opinions on why in-house product photography is worth relying on.

1. Have Full Control

If you want to have more power in determining the creative process, then choosing in-house product photography is the right choice. The creative process includes concept creation,
photo taking, photo retouching, and many other processes.

That way, you can fully direct the team in charge of getting the photos to your expectations.

2. Instruct Teams

The next interesting consideration for choosing in-house product photography is you can instruct your team. This act certainly allows you to be more satisfied with getting the product photos you want. You can state what you want, and the team will be ready to comply.

3. Easier Tracking

Since in-house product photography belongs to an organization, they will have a clear project track. Thus, you can track the project more easily while monitoring the progress of
every project.

4. Save Time

In-house product photography usually has complete equipment and a team, so they can work on projects more quickly. Those of you who need product photos with faster results can choose in-house because it is more effective and saves time.

5. Recruiting People as Needed

In-house vs outsourced has many pros and cons, there are other interesting considerations for those of you who choose in-house. Even though in-house product photography has a full-time team, you can still recruit people according to your needs.

This certainly can support the process of working on the project so it is more optimal. You can recruit people with the background skills you need so you can get more high quality

6. Make Changes

Considering that in-house product photography allows you to have full control, you can make changes if the results of the photos are not satisfying. These changes can involve the
concept of photos, editing, or retouching photos.

Things to Consider When Using Outsourced

After knowing several things that you should consider choosing in-house, you have to know about outsourced too so can consider it properly.

A. Great Performance

Outsourcing product photography will usually give a great performance and satisfy the client. It is due to intense job competition, so they will give their best performance. They are also used to working professionals by achieving the goals that have been set.

B. Budget Friendly

If you’re on a budget, outsourcing product photography can be the right partner because the price is more affordable. It is because they are not bound by an organization or company, so they offer relatively lower prices.

In addition, you can use their services only when you need them. If you have a tight budget between in-house vs outsourced, then outsourcing is the best choice.

C. No Hidden Charges

The interesting point of choosing outsourced product photography is there are no hidden costs. You and the team will discuss all costs from the start transparently. The outsourcing product photography team will provide all the equipment themselves so you don’t have to have any other extra costs.

D. Free of Maintenance Fees

Considering that outsourcing product photography provides its equipment, you as a client no longer need to pay equipment maintenance costs. Of course, this is different if you use in-house product photography. You have to pay for maintenance or even replacement if the device is damaged.

E. No Need to Recruit a New Team

Outsourcing product photography will complete the work according to the work contract agreement. They will continue to report on the progress of the project so you don’t have to hire a new team to oversee it.

So What Will You Choose?

That’s the explanation of each in-house and outsourced photography product along with some of the considerations. If you are looking for recommendations for photo editing services at affordable prices but with high quality, consider Dropicts.

This company can make e-commerce photos more attractive because it serves post production photography, photo editing services, and commercial photography.


  • What is in-house product photography?
    A professional photography team within an organization working on producing photos for e-commerce
  • What is outsourced product photography?
    A freelance photography team working on a contractual basis to produce images for e-commerce.
  • Which is best, In-house vs outsourced?
    Both have their advantages so you can choose according to your needs
  • Is there a photo retouching service that is affordable but of good quality?
    You can consider Dropicts because apart from offering the lowest prices, it also offers a variety of services.

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