Impression Comes First

“Buyers make most decision by relying on their two-seconds first impressions based on stored memories, images and feelings.” Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.

We all know, first impression are really important for us. We don’t like to think that we judge a book by its cover, or a person by what they look. But, the reality is we often do judge somebody/something only by how it look.

This doesn’t mean, we (as a businesses) need to be like something we aren’t. It don’t really matter. Just be ourself. Be honest. Because, first impression will draw our customers back to us.

Take notes, make them remember us whenever or wherever they want or need what we have to offer. Absolutely, our customers will keep coming back to us after they have experienced what we have to offer (if we as businesses give a great customer experience to them).

If we see from customer’s eyes, they will look at us (or our business) from a several points:

1. Your Front Store Condition

Make sure that your front store is clean, well organized, and your staff had a good knowledge and caring one. Because, if your front store condition is messed up, it will make a bad first impression to your customer. Remember, it’s harder to ease pain from a bad first impression than create a great first impression!

2. Your Own Website

An indicator from great website can be seen from a professional looking as appropriate for your audiences, loads quickly, and easy to navigate. A helpful content and mobile optimized is important too, to make your visitor feel comfortable with you.

3. Social Media

Social media is a good tools for customer services. A complete profile with hiqh-quality profile photo, and regularly shared content, will help you to impress your audiences.

4. Chatbot

As we mentioned before on The Future of e-Commerce Services: Chatbot, it’s really important to put Chatbot into your wishlist. Your communication will be automated, and will give a great experience to your customer. Think about it!

But, from four point we talk above, if it does really matter to create a great first impression to your audiences? It doesn’t mean you have to taking care of your outward appearance to spend a fortune on developing your look and appearance, or to be, or look like something you are not.
It does mean, make sure your image from your brand, store conditions, online presence, and customer experience can reflects who you are and the products or services you are selling, in a professional way that fits with your type of business. This allows prospective consumers to ‘size you up’ quickly will cause them to remember you in a positive way. Keep them for coming back to you after they have experienced the products or services you offer.

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