How Does Image Masking Work: The Benefits to Product’s Image

How Does Image Masking Work The Benefits to Product's Image

Photography is fun because you can capture a moment in an image. However, some of the results may not fulfill your expectations. Especially when it has some elements that need to be removed. Image masking will be a lifesaver during this condition. Have you heard about it? Let’s discuss this editing method and the benefits you would obtain from it.

What is Image Masking?

At first, you may think that there is no specific method to remove elements in a picture. But actually image masking can be used to conceal some annoying elements.

It is an efficient way to edit without destroying your taken photo. Photo editors will have the flexibility to mask the image. You may also ask for help from photo editing services if you do not have skills in editing.

Types for Masking an Image

After understanding the term, you may be curious about the techniques. Currently, there are four basic techniques that are often used by photo editors. Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

1. Layer Masking

The first type of image masking is a layer mask which can turn a specific object into transparent. There are two different colors in masking a layer: black is for transparent and gray to make partial transparency.

Remember that the transparency depends on the percentage of a gray color. If you tend to make a fully transparent image, then use black. But if you want a partial, gray will be a great choice. For this type, you can make an edge smooth image with the soft brush tools in Photoshop.

2. Clipping Mask

A clipping mask is a method to combine two different images in one frame. This method allows you to create a new shape that the picture can fit in.

In summary, once the pixels for the bottom layer exist, then the top layer will be visible. In contrast, if the pixels of the bottom layer are omitted, then the top will be definitely transparent.

3. Alpha Channel

Alpha channel is the method of image masking that aims to provide a clearer image of shattered elements. For example, someone’s hair. You know that the hair can be messy, even during a specific photoshoot. So, photo editors need to use this method to tidy the photo.

It begins with a contrasting color of black and white, so that you can mask the entire background efficiently. Please ensure to remove the complex edges of the shattered objects so that they will neatly portray the image.

4. Translucent

The last type of masking an image is the translucent method which is perfect for semi-transparent materials such as mesh, veils, or laces. You can mask pictures easily and effortlessly thanks to this method.

If you do not know this method, using an image retouching service will be a great help for you.

Benefits of Image Masking to Pictures

Now you have known several methods of image masking. However, do you know what benefits you will obtain from it? Check this out!

1. Excellent Result of Image Manipulation

Masking a picture is one of the manipulations you can do in photo editing. Many editors use this method because it can create a perfectly edited picture. In addition, you may manipulate them thoroughly with the four different methods.

Merely research which elements you want to keep or remove, then choose the methods you will use. You can edit it as you desire to create a perfect photo.

2. Non-destructive Pictures

Some beginners in photography have no idea how to edit pictures. They even accidentally destroy the photo while editing. This is horrible because who would want their photos getting destroyed?

Some aspects that affect it are the inappropriate method or having not enough time to retake pictures. Hence, some editors may use the image masking method since it is one of the non-destructive methods to give a retouch and removal effectively.

3. To Remove Unwanted Elements

The last benefit you will experience from using this editing method is to remove unwanted elements. Luckily, image masking is beginner-friendly.

Whatever elements that may disturb the image, you can just remove them with it. Moreover, you will not waste any time because there are many tools you can utilize to retouch the photo. As a result, editing is no more difficult and it allows you to provide the best and good looking image to your clients.

Have You Done Image Masking Before?

Image masking is a non-destructive process in editing to take care of your photos. It has several methods, allowing you to choose which method you prefer the most.

Beginners may learn how to do the masking. However, you can also trust Dropicts for this service if you do not have time for it. This professional image and photo retouching service provides the best service for your images.


  • Is image masking important?

Yes, it can help in reducing elements for creating a clearer image.

  • What application can you use to mask an image?

Photo editors commonly use Photoshop for this editing method. It is basic but the tools are incredibly massive to utilize.

  • What tools are commonly used for image masking?

The tools contain Select Subject, Select Sky, Brush, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, and Range Masking. They are all available in the Photoshop application.

  • Can novices mask an image?

Definitely! You can learn how to do image masking from tutorials on YouTube. The more you practice, the more you are familiarized with the image masking methods.

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