How To Take Professional Product Photos

How To Take Professional Product Photos

From major brands to local brands, a product photo is essential to launch a new product to the public and attract people to buy this product. Especially during this digital era, where people are starting to shop online. They are unable to touch and see the product in real life before buying it. Therefore, it’s up to the product photo to showcase its details and functionality. If you are trying to sell new products or gain new customers, here are several steps on how to take product photos perfectly.


Equipment and Tools That You Need

The steps on how to take product photos cannot be done perfectly without the help of proper equipment and tools. Whether you choose to do it right at home or a photo studio, you need to make sure that you already bring the right equipment and tools. 


The first one is definitely your trusted camera. Be sure to charge the battery and have a second battery, just in case. Most importantly, bring more than one lens and clean them properly before shooting. Don’t forget to play around with props to enhance your products. Then, use fill light to soften the shadows, tripod, mobile grip (if you use a smartphone instead of camera), bounce card, tape/clamps, product table, and backdrops. 


Choose the Location and Set the Stage

Choosing the location is the next step on how to take product photos and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Remember, location can make the product photo feel more realistic, adding a hint of human touch. For example, you may want to shoot a kitchen product in a real kitchen instead of an empty studio with a plain background.  Just like how it’s better to shoot a spring/summer collection in a garden to create a summery vibe.


After choosing the location, set the stage by adding a backdrop (if you’re indoor) and placing the props. A plain backdrop is a better option as it will highlight the product and allow you to edit the photo more easily. Just make sure that you don’t overcrowd the set, let the product be the star!

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Change Your Camera Settings

Next, you need to change your camera settings accordingly. Turn off the flash mode as you don’t want any light to be reflected on the product surface. Then, set the white balance to auto, ISO 100, f-stop to the recommended f/8. 


You don’t have to follow this recommendation, feel free to change your camera settings to your liking. However, it’s best to prepare this before shooting, especially if you’re relying on natural lighting as setting the camera can take a lot of time. 


Position Your Product

The most common mistake on how to take product photos is moving the camera, not the product. What you need to know is that you should always keep a steady hand on your camera, or better yet, use a tripod. Don’t change the camera position! If you want to try out different angles, position your camera again to a certain angle and let the product move around.


Place your product on a product table and make sure that everything is clean. The key is consistency. You want to have a variety of photos that are stable and clear. As you flip through different photos, it will be as if the model/product is moving. This is what makes a product photo look professional.

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Edit Your Photo

Editing is the last step on how to take product photos and it will decide whether your product photo is editorial worthy or not. It’s best to use a professional editing software instead of a free photo editing application. With product editing, you can crop the photos to make the product more centered, remove any imperfections on and around the product, change or enhance the colors, and even make the product look transparent by removing background noise on the photo.

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