How to Make an Image Smaller Without Losing its Quality?

How to Make an Image Smaller Without Losing its Quality

A photo can speak a thousand words. However, what if your photos have an excessive size that takes up so much memory space on your phone or laptop? You want to cherish all those photos but your device disagrees with you. What an inconvenience! Therefore, this article is going to tell you simple yet amazing photography tips on how to make an image smaller without losing its quality. So, are you ready to learn the method?

The Importance of Having Smaller Image

Before discussing the tutorial on how to make an image smaller, you must understand the reason behind this act. There are three significant reasons why having a smaller image is essential. Here are the explanations.

1. Easy to Process

Firstly, a higher resolution image is not acceptable on websites. The back-end is not strong enough to have an image with high resolution and it will require a longer period of time to load the image. As a result, the back-end of a website will be not responsive.

Therefore, before inserting an image on a website you must resize it to a smaller resolution. Not only will you lessen the capacity, but also you can have a better result on the front-end. Hence, you can save more time by producing a great article with a significant picture.

2. Satisfying The Website Visitors

The second reason to make an image smaller is to keep your website visitors to stay long in your website and show them clear images with small resolution size without risking them exit the website before the images are fully loaded.

In addition, due to the unequal spread of the internet worldwide, there are still parts of the globe where the internet speed is too low and unable to load big size data, such as images. This will be followed by another problem where it increases the chance of articles not being read at all since they provide images on it. Therefore, it is highly recommended (compulsory, even) to upload small-resolution images to the website to satisfy the website visitors.

3. More Responsive Image

The last important thing is that a small size image is easy to zoom in and zoom out. You must feel annoyed once a website loads an article with several images and the images are getting bigger. The reason is that the owner does not adjust the image properly.

In addition, uploaded images have different resolutions, hence different size will show in the website front. Learning make an image smaller is essential because putting a responsive image to the website becomes unavoidable . Please make sure you use the same resolution to produce a similar image. Once they have the same measurement, the result will follow.

How to Make an Image Smaller?

After understanding the reasons for how important a smaller image is, clearly you want to learn the method of how to make an image smaller. Generally, there are many methods but we will only discuss two in this article. Let’s keep reading!

1. Compression

The first method occurs when compression breaks down the image into a smaller size. This process will bring a reassembled picture from a server to the browser. Commonly, you can do the method in two different parts. Here they are.

A. Lossless Compression

This part will help you to reduce the image size without reducing the quality and it will look the same but only with a small difference in size. Lossless compression would result in two forms, GIF and PNG.

Everyone loves GIF format because it creates better results and sometimes the image comes with moving animations. However, please consider on making the PNG image as a backup if the GIF has excessive size. As a result, you can have both of the forms without losing any image quality.

B. Lossy Compression

On the other hand, lossy compression will reduce the image as well as the quality. This compression method turns the image blurry. Even worse, the image has been pixelated so that it decreases too much of quality. Although it is effective to reduce the size, it is disadvantageous because the image changes too much.

2. Microsoft Paint

If you prefer to decrease the image size using a default application of your computer, assuming your computer uses Microsoft operating system, then this second method is the answer. How to make an image small will begin with opening a Microsoft Paint. After that, follow the instructions below.

A. Open The Image

Open The Image on microsoft paint

 After opening the application, you can click File on the left side. Then go for Open and choose which image you want to decrease its size. Therefore, ensure you have chosen the suitable document. Wait until the application finishes loading the image.

B. Start Resizing

Start Resizing on Microsoft Paint

Second step, search for the Resize menu on the bar. You can click it right away until the next instruction appears.

Resizing Images on Microsoft Paint

A pop-up dialog box will show with menus to fill in. Please make sure you have agreed on the Maintain aspect ratio so that the image will not change entirely.

In this part, you can see there are two different options. The percentage will allow you to choose a number between 0 to 100. The real image will be 100. Furthermore, you can choose the suitable number of percentages you want to resize.

On the other hand, the pixels will allow you to give a number based on the pixelated pictures. You can choose between 0 to 8000. Therefore, choose an appropriate number until it produces the desired image.

C. Result in Resizing Image

Result in Resizing Image on Microsoft Paint

The last step is to ensure that the process is successful. You can see it on a decreased image on your screen. Therefore, if it happens, then your trial is completed. After that, save the small-resolution image.

Open the File and click Save As menu. Choose the image format.

Are You Ready to Make an Image Smaller?

A small-resolution image does not mean it loses quality. It just simply means that you can maintain its quality by applying a suitable method such as compression and a resize menu in Microsoft Paint. So are you ready to try to make an image smaller based on these two methods? Good luck!

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