Bright and Sharp Picture Using Smartphone

Make a Bright and Sharp Photo Image Using Smartphone

Bright and sharp picture without motion blur will give you a fascinating sensation when it look. You can creates such this picture by yourself as easy. Making a bright and sharp picture can be any way, a proper equipment and camera, good technique, or even using post production photo and image editing services editor as dropicts provided. For you people who have difficulties to create a bright and sharp picture in photo session, dropicts will helps you to edit an image in post-productions into dramatically good one. But if you insist to do with your stuff, such as smartphone, you may take a looks this tip for better result.

From now on, smartphone an important thing in life. One thing that you can do with smartphone is capturing a moment. And it’s impressed when the photo that taken was clear as good. A high-end smartphone may has this ability, but what about with old smartphone? Some apps will give you best result in creating a bright photo as dropicts delivered. All you needs is knowing the technique.


How To Take Sharp Picture on Your Smartphones

Iso setting, aperture setting, adjusting shutter speeds, adjusting focal length, using an image stabilization, holding your camera using your strong hand or using a tripod to avoid camera shake, is a common advice you will get when you want to know how to take sharp picture using smartphone. But, there so many advices that you need to consider. In this article we will give some other useful tips that you can apply when you want to take sharp picture. Let’s start it.

Wipe Off the Camera Lens

A simple thing, but mostly forgotten when you want to take sharp picture. Many people don’t have awareness with camera lens. In fact, camera lens in smartphone gets dirty day by day. Sometime when you press the shutter and the result is blurry or even hazy, you must check your phone lens. Check your phone lens routinely and wipe off any dirt that may patch before pressing the shutter button.

This how image looks like when using phone camera before/after wipe off.

Consider The Light

Some smartphone gives a bad result when photo taken in a low light. Lightning is matter. When the lighting condition is supports you, it gives the opportunity to edit as easy. Good lightning not only flattering, but sometime give you amazing colorful editing and great sharp picture. A picture that taken in lower lightning, it will too grainy to create the color pop. No matter what app do you use.

The image looks too yellow in skin tone because less in light, with a perfect light resulted in pretty great colors.

Increase The Brightness and Contrast Level

After you capture a picture, first, edit your photo with default app in your phone. Then, boost the contrast and the brightness level just a little bit and find a sweet spot, maybe 40:60%. Or, adjusting the image depends on the lightning condition. This is the basic part which makes sharp pictures, and adding colorful and brighter tone.

Boosting brightness and contrast level creates color to pop perfectly and provides detailed image spot perfectly.

Using an App

When your default app don’t have capability to edit photo, there’s a time you need to use an app. App photo editor provides various features as same as dropicts provided. An app, such as VSCO Cam, has able to filter the color or adjust image sharpness. For better result, increase the level of brightness and contrast a little bit. VSCO Cam is the best app to pop the colors so far. Use the C1 filter insides the app, or change it down between 25-50%.

The comparison between default smartphone camera and VSCO Cam which deliver the color of autumn flower perfectly showed.

Using Black and White Mode Sometimes Needed

If you suffering with low light image, black and white mode sometimes can help when you want to get sharp picture. A black and white mode can turn your photo into shocked and charmed. Sometimes this mode gives a powerful color gradation. Other benefit from black and white mode is, diminish any distracting elements.

Black and white mode is diminish the distraction (the lightning and the wall) and pushed us to give an attention to the subject matter.

Brightening an Object

Sometimes, a memorable moment wasn’t captured in a perfect lightning conditions. Increase this mode will deliver a goodness in skin flattering. Generally, it creates your photo looks better than before. For certain object like people, try to use Afterlight filter with a blue tint to fix the red skin into natural.

Meantime, if you feel difficult to apply this technique, you can try a very simple solutions, you can use dropicts. Dropicts as a professional photo retouching services will gives you an affordable image editor and easy as ever. Dropicts is reliable, and it’s already proven by some clients all over the earth, and you may have a willing to become our partner in future.

Using an afterlight mode inside VSCO Cam resulted a sharper picture and showing detailed expression in her face.

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