How to Do a Photoshoot by Yourself Everywhere

how to do a photoshoot by yourself

Some of you may be wondering how to do a photoshoot by yourself. Who says you can’t do a self photoshoot? But how if Dropicts can teach you how, would you be interested in knowing how to do it? 

In this article, Dropicts will teach you how to photoshoot by yourself everywhere. Yes, you can do a self photoshoot everywhere you want, from home, mall, park, cafe, and every aesthetic place that can be good for your social media feeds. All you have to do is follow our tips, and you can get some good self pictures.

How to Have a Good Photo Session of Yourself?

There are five tips you can try in self photoshoot:

1. Tripod is The Essential Stuff

Tripod is the important stuff to take a picture by yourself. The first thing you need is to carry the tripod everywhere you go. Otherwise, who else can hold the camera for you if it’s not the tripod?

Nowadays, many types of tripods can fit in your small bag. Some of them even have the feature of wireless clicking buttons if you want to do the photoshoot just by using the camera phone. You can just click the button whenever you want.

2. Use The Timer Mode

In the self photoshoot, the timer is your best friend. Set the timer as long as you need. Most of the camera has a timer from 3 seconds to 10 seconds. You can stand farther away from the camera before it takes your picture.

3. Get Enough Light Source

Most people have the problem of the light source. Light is the essential factor that can make your pictures look good. You can use the natural light, selfie lamp, or any other light sources, as needed. Lights are the key to getting a good picture, especially in the self photoshoot.

Side tips: You need to lock the autofocus in a self photoshoot, so the light adjustment will not change when standing in front of the camera. The light adjustment can easily change whenever you move the camera, or the lens catches a different object.

4. Adjust The Positioning of The Camera

To get excellent selfie, you can try to adjust the camera’s position. Our best advice for a self photoshoot is to position the camera slightly above you. This position does not just make you look taller, but it also can give a better angle where the focus of the pictures is you.

5. Do The Editing

The editing process is the last thing you need to do for every photoshoot, especially a self photoshoot. Don’t over edit it unless you already have a concept in mind. You can try to fix the color, add some filter, and any other stuff that can make the pictures look better than the raw ones.

Those are some tips on how to do photoshoot yourself that you can try. Taking a photo by yourself can be hard, but with some simple equipment, a little bit of creativity, and attention to detail in editing process, you can take a great picture of yourself. If you are not good with the editing, you can just contact Dropicts, and we will gladly help with any request you make.

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