How to Change Hair Color in Picture

How to Change Hair Color in Picture

Ever wonder how you would look with different hair colors? Instead of spending money and hours in the salon to change your hair color for a photoshoot, you can actually change hair color in picture by doing simple editing steps in Photoshop. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, try these three main tips on how to change hair color in picture. 


Select the Hair on the Photo

Before you start to change hair color in picture, you need to select the hair portion of the photo. With a newer version of Adobe Photoshop, you can automatically select the hair portion of the photo using the “Quick Selection Tool.” Afterwards, use the “Refine Selection” to soften the edges around the hair and hairline and make it more realistic. 

A pop up window will show up and select the “On White” option to clearly see the hair selection that you’ve made. Play with the “Smart Radius” to determine the transparency around the edges of the selected hair. It’s best to stay between 1,5 to 2,5. Then, go to the “Output” and click “New Layer with Layer Mask” option, then press OK. If you hide the original layer, you will only see the hair that you’ve selected. 


Apply the Color

After you successfully select the hair, it’s time to play with the colors. First, open the Window menu, choose Adjustments, and click on the “Hue/Saturation” option. Second, press Ctrl + Alt + G to apply the colors only on the hair that you’ve selected. Drag the “Hue” slider to see the many color changes visible on the hair.

Another way to change hair color in picture is by using the Color Balance option. Make sure that the Layer Mask is active and press Ctrl + click on the Layer Mask thumbnail to select the hair. Then, create a new adjustment layer by clicking the “Adjustment Layers” at the bottom of the layers palette. You’ll see a Color Balance pop up menu. Now, you can play with the colors, highlight, and shadow tones. 

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Make it More Realistic

To be able to change hair color in picture, you need to make it more realistic by playing with the opacity and blend modes. This depends on what type of finish and color that you want. For a metallic hair look, you should stick to the blending mode hue with 75% opacity. 

If you choose a bolder look, like fiery red or emerald green, opt for saturation of soft light. You can also play with the darken and screen options on Adobe Photoshop. The more natural the hair color is, the easier it will be for you to edit it. 


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These steps on how to change hair color in picture are also useful for fashion photography for beauty brands, such as makeup products or womenswear. How so? You can make the model’s hair more popped and look alive, making the photos more attractive. If you are having troubles in changing hair color in pictures, then you can try the image retouching services from Dropicts!

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