5 Steps to Take Headshot Professional

An Example of The Result of A Headshot Professional

Getting good professional headshot photos isn’t easy at all. There are various factors at play. From tools, environment, to how to take a headshot photo in portraits. A headshot photo is really important to present yourself as a business person to the world. The results can be used as profile photos on your social media, identity card, or even in your LinkedIn account. A professional headshot shooting session can also provide excellent exposure for your face. Yes, the face is the main focus in this shoot because it is always the main center of attention. There is step by step you can follow to get the maximum professional headshot results. Even you are not a professional photographer, you can create a professional-looking headshot by following these steps. Even with your phone and self timer. For more details, let’s see all of the tips & explanations to take a professional headshot.


Use a Quality Camera for Headshot Professional

The first step to getting a professional headshot is to use a quality camera. Actually, at this time you are not obliged to use a DSLR camera. The camera app from your smartphone can also be provided as long as there is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature. The HDR feature makes the photos taken more real and quality.

HDR usually combines the best parts of three separate exposures into a single photo. This feature is already available on the latest camera phone. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android, HDR is already available there. So, take advantage of the HDR feature on camera settings to get the best pictures. Even you can use burst mode when making a DIY headshot professional photoshoot. All the images you get, you can choose as you wish.

Also, you should not zoom the camera because it will reduce the resolution of the photo. It is better to get closer to the object than to zoom.


Find a Good Location and Lighting

You have to find a good location and lighting because this point is very crucial. Pay attention to the background of the photo. Choose the neatest or most professional background. Can be white walls or other solid color backgrounds/solid-colored wall. You can also choose a bookshelf as a background. You can find professional headshot locations online for inspiration.

Next, check whether the lighting in that location is good or not. If it is not good, add another lamp. To get natural results, you should find a location with direct lighting from the sun. Don’t add any flash, just use natural light from the sun. The sunlight is much better and makes for better photos. 

Check the elements around the shooting location. Do your research first. If necessary, you can choose a background such as a brick wall. Ideas like this make it possible to take a professional headshot to make a photo, even just using a phone can still be done.

If you want to spend more money, then you can approach a studio, professional headshot photographers, make-up artists, and lighting too. By asking these people for help with these things, the picture results will be much more optimal.

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Posing Like a Professional

Look for a pose that is formal and can present you as a professional worker. This pose is also difficult because not everyone can pose in front of the camera. Quite a few of them look stiff in the end. If you are this type of person, try to practice in front of the mirror first. Find the best body language because the photos are in portraits mode. Check your eyes, hair, and outfit. So literally the focus is on your face. Find the best angle of your face so that later the results of the photo will be better. If you are still confused about how to pose like a pro, you can look for guide inspiration online.

You can see examples of people taking headshots in portrait mode on the internet. There are many types of people who simply cannot pose in front of the camera. However, in order to help your career in business and company, a good image in terms of photos must be obtained. If necessary, ask someone or a family member for help so they can direct you. Especially for your eye contact to camera and shoulders position. The posture of the body in front of the camera must remain upright. Especially in professional headshots photoshoots.


Wear Formal Clothes

For men, wear a suit with a shirt for a more formal style. A shirt is also sufficient. For women, you can use a blazer or clothes that are like office people. Using formal clothes will make your photos even better and can be used for various needs. From CV, LinkedIn profile picture, to social media accounts.

There are several colors of clothing that you can choose from. One of the most neutral colors that men and women can wear in photoshoots is navy blue. This color gives a good image in business and feels comfortable in front of the camera. Take this thing seriously for your career.


Check the Photo Results to Get the Best Business Headshots

There must be a lot of photo results obtained. This accuracy is necessary so that the photos you choose and use are the best. Check the lighting, the poses, eye level, light, head position, to the neatness of your clothes. If everything has been fulfilled, do not hesitate to choose the photo. And if you want the maximized results, you need to edit your photo-used photo editing app which is widely available at this time. You can also use photo editing apps from your camera itself.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get a professional headshot. Therefore, Dropicts is here to offer professional photo retouching services. The photos that you have got Dropicts can help make them better through the retouching process. The photos that have gone through this process will be even better and more suitable for use in professional needs at work. Hopefully, information from this article will be of use to you!

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