Fundamental Right Images Editing Elements for Basic

Fundamental Right Images Editing Elements for Basic

The results from photoshoot session is the most important part of capturing a product photos. Post-production photography process are able to create an effects that you can’t create during the photoshoot, or to enhance the beautiful feature of your product that you have captured. Photographers always strived to improve their photos by developing them by itself, or looking for a photo editing assistance. But, don’t worry. Digital photo editing is surprisingly really easy to learn. With a bit of practice and consistency, it will become your second nature. Here are a few fundamental right images editing elements that you need to know to make your photos looks stunning.


Cropping is an activity of removing unwanted images or selected areas from a photos. It consist of removal some of the areas of an image to improve its framing, change the aspect ratio, or to isolate the subject matter from its background. Usually the cropping tool allows you to adjust the framing of your photo to improve overall composition and focusing on the main subject. By that, it will eliminate any distracting elements on your photos. You can achieve it digitally by using image editing software, or contact us, here. But remember, always work on a copy of your original photos, and be consistent when you’re practicing. Good Luck!

Color Correction

You have to be brave if you got color discolorations from your photoshoot session. And don’t be confused with many options of color photo correction tools on your image editing software, try from the simplest one. If you are using Photoshop for editing, you need to choose Curve Adjustment Layer first.

Fundamental Right Images Editing Elements for Basic - 2. Color Correction - Step One

After that, you need to hold Alt (for Windows User) or Option (for Mac User) on your keyboard, then click on Auto. By that, you will see algorithms for color correction. Choose the one that suited well with your images. Don’t forget to click on Snap Neutral Midtones tab.

Fundamental Right Images Editing Elements for Basic - 2. Color Correction - Step Two

And you will see your photos color is corrected automatically by your image editing software. It’s really simple, isn’t it? Even it seems easy, do it carefully!

White Balance

White balance is kind of color correction, but it specifically target the white color. You can’t say it’s a proper photos when it appears too “blue” or too “yellow”. Many image editing software have an automatic white balance adjustment. With one click, and you will see a huge difference from the tone of your photos.


Sharpening is a technique for increasing the sharpness of an image. Sharpening are able to bring out subtle details in your photos, and make your photos seem more focused. In other hand, sharpening effect can give you an unwanted distortion or grainieness. Take a note, sharpening only can be done at the post-production process.

We recommend you, use a minimum sharpening effect for a maximum result!


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