Easy Product Photo Retouching Tips for You

Easy Product Photo Retouching Tips for You

Whether you’re selling a product online in your e-commerce platform or offline, product photos are necessary to market it. Your customers aren’t able to touch the products. With product photos, they can see the details, colors, shapes, sizes, and every single feature of the product that they are about to buy without having to go directly to the stores. A good product photography can affect the buyer decisions.

Tips For Product Photo Retouching

This is the power of good product photos, which can only be achieved with good product photos retouching skills in post-production. Now, we will learn more about product photo retouching tips that you can try at home.

1.Make The Product Stand Out

Since product images are used to showcase the selling features to the target customers, the most important product photo retouching tips is to always ask yourself, “is it enough to motivate viewers to buy this product?” If you cannot even answer this question, then there is still so much to work with this product images.

One sure thing to make the product be the main focus in the photo is by using a plain or white background color or simply removing the background from the final image. Yes, it will be impossible to take a photo of a floating bag, right? This is when product photo retouching can work its magic. You can use the patch tool in Adobe Photoshop to do a background removal or use a professional photo retouching service from Dropicts, we also have ghost mannequin technique for your apparel product image.

2.Change The Color to Show Product Variation

Most product images are sold in various color options. This is good for customers, but it sounds like a nightmare for any product photographers. Does this mean you have to shoot every single product color variation for your product images? Not necessarily! Lucky for you, there’s a product photo retouching techniques or tips just for this.

It’s actually very easy to change the product color in just a few steps using Adobe Photoshop. Just make sure that you have adjusted the shade correctly and it does not alter any surrounding items, like props if you use any of that in your product photo. Or you can use clipping path to select the objects and change their color. This way, you can ensure the consistency of the product photo, making it look more professional and pleasing to the eye.

However, you should consult with your client about your decision to retouch the color as there are some cases where different color variation comes with a slightly different feature. After that, you can do it yourself or use a product image editing service.

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3.Zoom in to See Any Imperfections in Product Photos

Nothing’s perfect, but it will be if you do the right product image editing or photo retouching steps. You could have planned the perfect set, hired the most talented product photographers with various high-tech equipment. But, your original product photos still need some retouching due to some dust or any small imperfections.

No need to fret, the best thing about product photo retouching is that it can make all the imperfections go away. The key is to have an eye for detail. Zoom in on the original product photo to see any imperfections like dust, reflections, lint, dirt, or uneven shape. To do this, first, you must be able to visualize the ideal product on your mind. Therefore, you can retouch the product photo accordingly.

Adjust the shadow for the product imageYou may think that your product photo is already perfect, but it will not be complete until you’ve adjusted the shadow and highlights to increase the quality of the photos. Playing around with shadow and highlights can make the product look more realistic, appealing, and detailed. Especially after you’ve done some retouching, you need to fix the shadow and highlights to make the photo look believable.

In Adobe Photoshop, use the Highlights and Shadow menu and maybe create drop shadows. Make sure that you make these adjustments on layers, not the original photo. You can also do color correction if you shot the product image outside. If anything goes awry, you can easily turn back to the original photo and start again.

Now, are you ready to transform your products with these product photo retouching tips? It does seem a lot, but you won’t have to worry about any of this when you use the professional photo retouching service from Dropicts, send your images or photographs and wait for our professionals photo editing process and see the results.

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