The Complete Guide to E-commerce Photography

ecommerce photography

You may be curious about how businesses run their social media and e-commerce so that they can create an atmosphere that can attract visitors. The answer lies in e-commerce photography. A photo shoot can not be arbitrary. Especially if you want to create an elegant theme for business products. e-commerce photography can be a way to attract more audiences and be the best branding tip.

Tips for Making E-commerce Photography

If you want to create photos that are attractive, elegant, and can increase the audience for your business products, then you must know the following tips.

1. Get to know the product

A photographer is not only enough to take pictures, but also must recognize the object they will shoot later. This product knowledge will greatly influence the photographer in determining the theme of the photo and finding the right angle.

For example, in a photo of a beverage product, we need to recognize the advantages of the product. Starting from the important elements that will be the main points of shooting, to determining the right atmosphere. If the product is a cold drink, it would be more interesting to take it outdoors so that we can see when the ice melts.

Your ability to recognize the product will also help you find the best angle in the long scheme of shooting.

2. Prepare the Studio

No matter how simple a photo is, it will require all the equipment as well as a qualified setting. Therefore, we must prepare the settings for the spot to take photos. This setting can be a small or large studio as needed.

You can set the table with white paper or white material, then put other elements that relate to the theme of the photo. Usually, it could be a plain white background paper or a board that you write on with the letter L.

In addition, you must prepare whiteboards to place on the right and left sides of the object. So that the object gets enough light from all directions. Some photographers even prepare their photo studio with just a plain white background or dark colors to present a clean photo concept.

Your e-commerce photography will appear more elegant because of the constant background color. Make sure the white background color is always the same, off-white or broken white.

3. Photo equipment

Good e-commerce photography is also supported by the right equipment. When you are going to take photos, you also need to prepare the equipment you will need. Starting from cameras, types of lenses, several types of lighting, tripods, and so on.

This is an important step so that the shooting session can run smoothly. While preparing equipment, you should also check the amount of battery and memory availability. So there will be no obstacles that will interfere with taking pictures.

Setting the camera by setting the ISO and shutter speed is very important. An ISO that is too high will create noise around the object in the photo. This also makes object details look blurry.

4. The Light Position

Of course, before taking a photo, you already know what kind of shot you want. You will also find it easier to adjust the position of the light you need for your shot. Pay attention to the source of light that comes through the window and the lighting.

This light will later reflect on the whiteboard on the left and right of the board of your set. So that the light will be reflected easily to the object and make the object get natural exposure results.

5. Find the Best Angle for Your E-commerce Photography

To make e-commerce photography even more interesting, you have to find the best angle that can bring out the advantages of the product in a unique way. Usually, the photographer will look for references from the photo content and explore other ways of taking pictures.

One of the things that makes a photo interesting is finding the best angle. The way to find the angle itself is to shoot from various angles, then choose it.

A. Wide Angle

We often find this wide-angle shooting in e-commerce photography for products such as food and beverages, clothing, skincare, body care, and others. This wide-angle shot allows you to show the product as a whole, so this shot is most often used in clothing product advertisements.

B. Close Up

Close-up is also one of the best moments in a shoot. It’s simply because close-up shots can show object details without cutting out part of the object itself. For example, in a hot coffee shot, taking close-up shots can make us focus on the color of the coffee and forget about other objects behind the main object.

It is also often used in e-commerce photography so that the audience only focuses on the products being sold.

C. Vertical Flat Lay

A combination of shooting with a vertical frame size is also an option. So, particularly on some business products that are large, so you can see them up close. Products such as bottles of drinks, trousers, and cell phones will be better with vertical shots. In addition, this shot is also used in posting stories on social media.

D. Horizontal Flat Lay

In addition to vertical shots, horizontal shots can be a great way to explore the whole object from far or near. Horizontal photos are also good for posting on social media and websites, which has become the reason why most photographers shoot horizontally. This horizontal photo is even better to take from all angles, from the top, side, and bottom.

E. Details

The way to attract consumers to buy business products is by showing photos with product details. Take pictures of these details, such as textures, material, or fiber details, to fashion details. For example, in clothing products, these details could be logos, sleeve details, collars, and materials.

F. Human Element

To produce realistic e-commerce photography, you can add a human element. The presence of the human element also makes the photo more interesting. Products such as shoes, watches, and accessories need the human element to give a better picture if the product is used on us.

6. Set Photo Style

To make your photo collection more unique, you need to add style to e-commerce photography. This style might come from supporting elements such as bath sponge elements in bath soap products, towels in toiletry products, and many more.

Furthermore, style can be generated from how you put the main product, such as standing products or products that spill out from packaging to the position of leaning on other elements.

Find Your E-commerce Photography Style!

The reviews above indicate that a photo will be interesting if it is properly prepared and consistent. Preparation of the studio, equipment, and shooting style to ensure a consistent theme touch.

The consistency of this theme came from the coloring you do when editing photos. Therefore, many people choose to use photo editing services to flat lay services maintain it. Isn’t it interesting?

We are very happy be able to help you enhance your product image for your e-commerce site. We would like to see your e-commerce store looks beautiful and professional. For more product image optimization be sure to follow us and stay tuned to our latest article.