This is How to Increase Sales with Drop Shadow on Product Images

This is How to Increase Sales with Drop Shadow on Product Images

A product image is essential for every seller, especially the ones who sell them through online platforms. However, not every seller knows how to take a perfect photo. Therefore, this article will discuss a drop shadow, the technique that can pop up your product and attract customers. So, are you ready to dig in?

What is Drop Shadow?

This technique is famous because it gives an effect of direct sunlight shadows to the photo. It simply makes a product float on a plain background. This effect is subtle but may add depth to your product.

Customers will not spend much time looking at a usual product image. But with this natural-looking effect, it makes the picture look more realistic than usual. Not only can it attract customers, but drop shadow technique will give a real-looking effect on product images.

How to Drop Shadow an Image

Now, you may be curious on how to do the technique. If you want to learn about it, please ensure you own a Photoshop application on your computer or another device. Start Photoshop and do the steps below!

1. Open an Image and Draw a Path

First of all, open your product image by clicking the File menu. Remember that the image must be high quality so that you can produce a more natural image. After that, make sure the image is placed in the center of the display.

Then, select a pen tool at the left-hand toolbar to draw a path. Try your best to draw a thorough line from the object’s perimeter. Once the draw finishes, remove the background from the product image.

2. Duplicate The Layer

The next step to drop shadow an image is duplicating the layer through a layer panel on the right side of the Photoshop window. You can duplicate it by right-clicking the mouse on the tool.

Then, differentiate both layers by giving a name with Shadow and Background. Remember that you must not make a mistake on this step or else you have to redo it from the beginning. If you think the method is too complicated, you can always ask for help with e-Commerce photo editing services.

3. Use Transform Tool to Make a Shadow

Now, let’s use a transform tool by selecting the shadow layer to create the shadow. In this process, you will select a Distort menu by right-clicking the mouse. Afterward, drag the transformed image to your preferred suitable angle against the light source of your object.

You can drag it to the right if the light is on the left and vice versa. Next, double-click the shadow layer and select the Gradient overlay menu. This process will turn the transformed image into a real shadow.

4. Convert The Layer

The next step of drop shadow is to convert the layer by selecting Convert to Smart Object. After that, check the Layer Panel to find the Blend Mode then choose the Multiply menu. It will immediately blend both panels and combine each other.

5. Choose a Filter

Then, find the Filter menu and select Blur. Then, scroll down to choose Gaussian Blur and check on the pixel radius. In this step, you will see the product image clearly.

The different resolutions of all images will allow you to experiment with the shadow effect. As a seller, you can try several filters to find the best filter that can attract your customers.

6. Adjust The Shadow

Now, you need to change the shape of the shadow. Try to figure out where the light comes from so that the shadow will be placed in a suitable angle.

If you make a mistake, do not worry because you can correct it by adjusting the image. So, give it a try and make more effort to achieve a natural and realistic look with a subtle shadow.

7. Final Touch

Last but not least, use a brush tool to beautify the shadow. Try to set the opacity, size, and flow to make it compatible with the product image. Once you think the result is enough, you can stop the steps. And that’s it!

Do Drop Shadow to Increase Sales!

Selling a product is challenging because you cannot just upload an ordinary image to the platform. By applying the drop shadow effect, your customer will find the image more attractive due to the natural and realistic look.

You can adjust it on your own using the Photoshop application. If you do not have editing skills, no worries, Dropicts is ready to help with your product image. Simply visit the website, select the service you want to order, and the team will make it right for you.


  • What is the function of drop shadow?

To create more depths, to pop your product image, to increase the quality of the image, and to give a more realistic look.

  • What is the recommended application for drop shadow?

Photoshop is recommended because it has a free trial and is beginner-friendly. Beginners can also practice implementing this editing technique with this software.

  • Is the application for drop shadow paid?

For the first-timer, you will get a free trial. However, after the limitation period ends, you need to pay a premium subscription to enhance the tool. If you find it pricey, photo editing services will be a great help.

  • What kind of object can use the technique?

You can implement this technique for all product images, from home improvement tools, fashion items, accessories, and even food, and beverages.

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