Delivering the Freshness From the Fruits through Images

We think that fruit photography is a genre of food photography. As we tell you on our Food Photography: Challenging yet Fun! article’s, the treatment for fruit photography isn’t not too much different with food photography. It have to combining delicacy and creativity to to be able showing maximum freshness from the fruit. In this article we will give some fruit photography tips and ideas for your reference. Here it come!

1. Combination of simplicity is interesting!

legumes and fruit on a black cement floor background.

Keeping your fruit on the good shape and creating a good composition will help you to achieve interesting and unique shots. When you got the best composition of your fruits, and combining with some other ingredient, then take a shot! As we can see on image above, is it interesting, right?

2. Playing with the fruit shape

There are so many different ways when you want to shooting of fruits. Slicing the fruit is one of them. It give the image looks more interesting of your fruits. It will become easier when you cut the hard fruits like orange, apple, watermelon, etc.

Various fruits, Eating Health care and Healthy concept

Some fruits will give the maximum level of freshness when they are wet, you can spray your fruits with 50:50 of water and glycerin to make them look fresher. And some other fruits looks better when it looks neat and clean. Give it a try!

3. Choosing the right background

Mixed and assorted fruits with kiwi strawberry grape and other in bowl on wood table – Filter Processing

In every images that we take, background always becomes an important part. Adding some sliced fruits or other ingredients will help you to make your images looks fresher!

Legumes, fruit and salmon pieces on a wooden plate.

Using wooden table or dark background usually looks good for food or fruits photography. You also can experiment with the direction of the light to get the best result of it. Set up your lighting equipment properly, or maybe experimenting with using natural light resource (it comes best when you shoot near window) to get your fruits illuminated from the side as well.

Practice makes Perfect! Don’t be easily satisfied with your images. Take a lot of practice, both for technically operating the camera and playing around with composition. And don’t forget, if you need any assistance on image editing, you can easily contact us here for getting your images edited by our professional image editor team.

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